Finished the first Julian Vaughn novel and other stuff

Last night I finished the first draft of Earthly Things, the first novel I’ve written as Julian Vaughn. I am so excited about this story. Like The Lesser People (which I wrote as Thomas Morgan)  it’s a meaningful, beautiful, tragic story full of humanness. I’ve got to start editing it today so I can send it to my pre-readers by April 1st. Can’t wait to hear what they think of it and the feedback they offer. Then I’ll work in their feedback so I can see what Chip MacGregor thinks of it. I’m so excited about it.

That sweetheart Jennifer at Book Den is hosting a 5 copy giveaway for my latest Lee Thompson novel Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy. Go enter! And a big thanks to Jennifer!

You can also buy Gossamer for your Kindle or snag it on other formats at Smashwords. Buy, read it, think about what it all means. Tell your friends who enjoy dark fiction. 

Here’s the cover and a quick synopsis:

Gossamer cover Final

An ancient witch, Dorothy Good, has lost everything to the vampire who has blown in on the hot desert wind and lain waste to her soul and her town. When a young family arrives at the end of a two week battle, she sees a chance to end the bloodshed and possibly regain a portion of what was stolen.

But they’re heavily outnumbered and night is falling…

Currently reading James Lee Burke’s Cadillac Jukebox. He’s amazing. And fellow Dark Fiction writer Brett J. Talley has sent me a copy of Limbus Inc., which I look forward to checking out this next week! Thanks Brett! 

My buddy Les Edgerton has had a bunch of interviews lately. He’s an intelligent, talented and humorous cracker. 

I’m also super pumped about Bouchercon. Last year I met John Connolly, Michael Connelly, Michael Koryta, Michael Stanley (Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip), Les Edgerton, and a number of other wonder book lovers there. And this year my best writing buddy Shaun Ryan is going with me! We’re going to tear it up, and learn a lot, and make memories that we can look back on with great fondness later in life. 

Anyway, time to knock out some editing on Earthly Things. Go make your dreams a reality. 

2 thoughts on “Finished the first Julian Vaughn novel and other stuff”

  1. Looking forward to Earthly Things, Lee!

    Gossamer frickin’ rocked, btw!! Don’t know why DF didn’t pick it up…must have been asleep at the wheel. Usually, they are better than that.

    Wish I was going to Bouchercon, but dough is a bit tight lately 🙁

    1. Hey Bill! Thanks, dude. Earthly Things is a killer fucking story. I can’t wait until you can read it!

      And thank you on Gossamer! I hope others have your great taste. 🙂

      I wish you could make it to Bouchercon, too. But next year it in CA, baby! You’ve gotta be there!

      Hope you have a kickass weekend, bud!

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