New review and a short break

Within This Garden Weeping cover spread

I have a new review of the second Division story WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING. It makes me happy because that story hasn’t gotten very much attention and it’s a crucial point in Red Piccirilli’s life between Before Leonora Wakes and The Collected Songs of Sonnelion to who he becomes as an old man in Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children. Thanks to Eden Royce for the review on Hellnotes!

I’ve been a busy motherlicker, as is my nature. I’ve written four novels in the the last eight months and just ordered myself to take a week break because, honestly, I need a recharge. I’m emotionally beat. I just want to read and take walks and watch a bunch of movies before I hit it hard again.

Things to consider:

If you’re a writer check out this post on the awesome Chip MacGregor’s website, where on April 10th, you could learn a lot! Learning is great!

Also, David Farland’s Daily Kicks are one of my favorite things. Unfortunately his son was just in a bad accident and is in a coma. Send good energy their way and go buy one of his books since they don’t have insurance.

I hope everybody is well! 

2 thoughts on “New review and a short break”

  1. Four novels in eight months?! Wow. I’ve written hardly anything lately. What the heck have I been doing with my time? Good for you, Lee. 🙂

    Have a great break!

    1. Hey Bec! Yeah, I’m antsy with this week-long break. I’m such a workaholic it kills me NOT to work on a novel. But that’s why I only went with one week and not two, or three, or more.

      I hope you get some writing done soon, bud. That old adage of “Ass in chair, keyboard clicking…” is the best advice in the writing world. *Hugs for you and your family!* Thanks for dropping by!

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