Interviewed by Blu Gilliand for Horror World

As antisocial as I tend to be, I enjoy being interviewed a lot, possibly because I live inside my own head too much. I’m happy to share my latest interview on Horror World. Blu Gilliand also interviewed me last year on his own website, October Country. I think he might love Ray Bradbury, and who can blame him? Something Wicked This Way Comes was one of the books that made me want to write. So a big thank you to Blu for thinking of me for the May interview. I’m wishing him mucho success with his own writing career, and tipping back a drink to those who read and share this interview.

You might not agree with me on everything, which is okay, just don’t expect me to agree with everything you have to say. (I’ve read some disturbing bashing that some trolls did on an author who didn’t do anything wrong and that pisses me off.)

Anyway, I have exciting news that I can’t share yet. Wishing you all self-awareness, which leads to a type of peace and happiness that very little else can provide! 

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