New review of Shock Totem #6 and reveal of issue #7

There’s a new review of Shock Totem #6 on Hellnotes. Go check it out and grab a copy! They’re an amazing publication.

shocktotem6 final cover

Also check out the cover Ken Wood revealed for issue #7 here. If you’re not reading this magazine you’re missing out. 

Soon I’ll also have an interview on here with the wonderful Mercedes M. Yardley. She’s my soul sister. I just read one of her unpublished novels and gave her a blurb because she is so incredibly talented it makes me want to cry.

And as soon as writer/publisher K. Allen Wood has some free time I’m going to interview that bugger too. 

Working hard to complete the second Thomas Morgan novel so I can send it to my pre-readers by the end of this month, and had a short story/novelette idea I started writing out of the blue, which is pretty cool since I haven’t written any shorter work in almost a year. It’s called On Cool, Autumn Evenings Like This One. It’s pretty wild, sad, beautiful, all that crap. 

I hope everybody is well!

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