Video reading of Daddy Screamed With Us

I’m going to focus on using video a lot. It’ll be a learn as I go type deal. It was definitely a bit uncomfortable, but I’ll get used to it because I like getting better at stuff and I think videos will be fun! Feel free to share it with anybody you think might be interested and have a wonderful week! Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Video reading of Daddy Screamed With Us”

  1. This was definitely cool, Lee! I’ve been thinking of some time about doing this–any tips you can pass on? I don’t have a video program so thought I’d try just using Skype–will that work do you think?

    And, it helps to have a great story to read like you did!

    Blue skies,

    1. Hey Les! Thanks for swinging by and for the comment! This was the first time I’ve done a video reading so I’m new to it too. I signed up for Skype a long time ago but have never used it. Can you record video on it? If so, I say give it a shot! I think you can download VLC media player for free and use that. I’m using Windows Movie Maker, which came installed on my laptop. I hope you do some readings, that’d be great! I’m going to do a Q & A next! And thank you on the compliment! I love that story, it was one of my first sales. :D Thanks again for the comment! Look forward to seeing one of your videos!

  2. Already knew the story but it was even more interesting hearing you read it. Was it just me or was the wind howling in the background? Made it even better. You have an unsettling edge to your writing that I really appreciate. Looking forward to all the great stuff ahead, bud!

    1. Thank you, Chris! And yes, for a day and a half the wind was crazy here. Thanks for all your feedback with the pre-reads! You’re a huge help!

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