YOU could be a character in my next novel

I’m starting a contest and three people will win a prize of being characters in my next novel! It could be you! All you have to do to enter is:

#1: Encourage your friends via Twitter, FB, etc. to check out my website ( so they can enter the contest as well.

#2: Leave a comment on this post giving a short description of yourself that I could use for your character in the novel. For example, in the comments you might write something like: “A mid-thirties woman who loves reading and yoga. She’s worked hard for everything she has and is constantly reevaluating where she can improve. Loves thunderstorms. Afraid of drowning.”

#3: Sign up for my newsletter so I have your email address (those who already subscribe to my newsletter simply need to share and leave a comment)  to alert the winners once the three names are drawn, and so you don’t miss all the exciting things that will happen this year!

Then you’ve just gotta wait a week (contest ends Feb. 12th) and I’ll randomly pick the winners!
Thanks to anybody who participates. And good luck!

26 thoughts on “YOU could be a character in my next novel”

  1. A middle-aged woman who survived an abusive childhood and is determined to enjoy life. Her motto is “carpe diem”, because life is short; it has seen her make leaps of faith, from jumping out of planes to leaving her comfort zone at the age of 50 in order to start a new life with her soul-mate. Likes to appear confident, but has moments of self-doubt. Loves dragons. Hates trains.

    1. Wonderful, Bec! I love it! Thanks for sharing and for entering! I hope things are still going great for you like the last time we talked! *Hugs*

        1. I’m glad to hear it! You deserve that happiness! And thank you for sharing it on FB. You’re a sweetheart. Things are good here. I have a ton of novels to sell this year and started the next one that I’m going to use for this contest. 🙂 It’s always nice to hear from you!

  2. A woman known for being creative and helpful but far too honest for her own good. Hates the Beatles, heard far too much of them as a child. Also hates Gary Barlow, just because. Loves: animals, painting, natural phenomena but won’t stand too close to the sea, people are killed too often doing that. In her mid-fifties, post-menopausal, wondering what on earth to do with another thirty years of existence; measures time in cat-years.

  3. A 50 year old man, a born loner finally comfortable with his role as the outsider. Self educated, with a sharp mind, a sharper tongue, and a singular point of view untainted by peer pressure. Nocturnal by preference, after a long battle with insomnia that he lost. Happiest when left to his own devices. Finds comfort in books and the company of dogs.

  4. I’m a 41 yr old male working for the past 20 yrs as an electrical engineer. I’m a spender (you’re only here once) and a miserable one at that, my daughter’s takes great delight in making me a brew in my Mr Grumpy mug. I’m a diabetic whose always surrounded by my kit and never leave the house without lucozade sweets and I read alot even listen to audiobooks when taking the dog (Tyson) for a walk inbetween the almost constant rain.

  5. A man, aged 50, a bit worn down by life, but still holding on to his dreams. Occasionally wears a “happy mask” around others to hide feelings of depression. Does not give much of himself out to others emotionally, but still strives to be helpful and friendly and decent. Constant battles with self-doubt, even though he knows he is intelligent and has ability.

  6. Walter White like suburbia dad of 2, writer wannabe who’s drank and drugged enough to make hmy brain and digestive track bleed, only to crawl from the wreckage and run a few marathons. Like hot, black coffee. I brush my teeth in the shower and don’t trust those who wink at me.

    1. Great! Thanks, Mark! I sometimes brush my teeth with coffee in the shower. Best of luck in the contest! Thanks for entering and spreading the word!

  7. I am a 47-year-old married mother of two grown children everyone thinks I look young for my age and I contribute that to growing up a country life I moved to this semi city 25 years ago and I’ve been ready to move back to the country ever sense. I love to read I love to promote peace so everyone has no idea that one of my passions is reading horror and watching horror movies even my husband after 27 years of marriage cannot believe my strange obsession. I work full-time as a recreation director and a nursing facility I love my job but working with the elderly every day cause a lot of stress so as soon as I come home I love to kick off my shoes sitdown with a good book and just get lost in it. Would I be a good model character in your book hell yes I’m well-rounded I do crafts love to read I don’t cook my husband Does I volunteer for everything and I’m a good mom I love horror I love to stay up all night. If you saw me you’d never believe that I’m a Marine but that is where I met my husband. So pick me Haha

  8. Grew up in a small town suburb outside of San Francisco. Long hair, Slayer t-shirt wearing punk ass rocker with no aspirations other than to drink lots of beer and date girls. Went to culinary school and was a chef for 10 years. Eventually drank and drugged my way into a few extended periods of incarceration. Got out, got sober and turned my life around. Met and married a wonderful lady who had a 3 year old daughter and 6 years later had another daughter. I have been sober for 18 years, but can still drink most people under the table, albeit with Diet Dr Pepper these days. The best thing about me today is that I have the capacity to occasionally think of others before myself and I am a very good dad. Not exactly what I had envisioned for myself and I am grateful, because I would have sold myself way short and have an amazing life today (as boring as I sometimes think it may be) I think that me and Mark above me would have gotten into a lot of trouble together.

    1. The aspirations you had growing up are the aspirations I have now. Small world! Thanks so much for entering, Bill! Always good to see your mug around! Best of luck in the contest!

  9. A woman who reads a little Machiavelli each day in order to confirm that she is not alone in her cynicism and misanthropy. A woman who refuses to have a firearm in the house but stashes some extremely nasty garden tools in different places around the house in case of home invasion.

  10. A man. Early forties. Reads. Helps bleed away the drudgery and survive the daily grind that’s the life of a cut and paste monkey. I too refuse to have firearms in the house, skin and bone don’t jive on the flames and guns are generally frowned upon in the UK. Lives in a small town once known worldwide for its pottery. Likes his coffee dark, same as his fiction. Hates spam folders and missed deadlines/opportunities.

    1. Hi, Martin. I dig it! But the contest ended last night (Feb. 12th) and I drew the winners and have to announce them this morning. Sorry you missed it, but I’ll do another one of these again because they’re fun! I hope your 2014 is off to a good start!

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