Contest Winners Who Will Appear in My Next Novel

Thanks to everybody who entered the contest for a chance to appear in my next novel! I’ve drawn the winners and they are…

Jon Recluse. Bec Zugor. Paul Nelson.


I’ll also dedicate that novel to them as well, why the hell not, right? I’m working on the story now. This novel will be called AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. I’ve been writing a lot of Crime novels lately, but this one will be a wild Supernatural novel.

Again, thanks to everybody for giving it a shot! You’re all great. I’m off to write and hope you’re all well!

10 thoughts on “Contest Winners Who Will Appear in My Next Novel”

  1. Nice one Thanks Lee, seem to be on a bit of a roll so far this year, stumbled on a copy of The Dampness of Mourning this week also. Congrats to John & Bec, can’t wait to read As Above, So Below and the other new stuff.

    1. No problem. Thanks for entering and sharing, Jon! You’re in the starring role of this novel. Can’t wait until I finish it and you guys can read it!

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