My First Short Film: An Introduction

Dying to Live Poster

Some of you know my history of writing novels. I’ve been at it a few years, have gained a few fans. But most didn’t know about the film/TV bug hitting me because it took place so quickly in January of 2016 (and since then I’ve written fourteen scripts). You can thank a thousand great TV shows and movies, and the encouragement of my talented cinematographer friend Richard Vialet for that.

I hate to admit it, (wait, no i don’t) but I love writing for TV and film more than I enjoy writing novels.

But novels taught me a lot about writing for film, and I’ll still write one every now and then.

Over the next couple months I’m going to be sharing what I’ve learned while embarking on this huge (God, you don’t know how huge yet) endeavor of my making my first film, “Dying to Live.”

I’ll cover everything from script, to building your team of cinematographers, grips, gaffers, casting, auditions, applying for permits, budgeting, storyboards, getting liability insurance, dreaming big, facing setbacks and obstacles, seeking sponsors to help fund your project, learning the craft, and so many other points I hope you’ll find interesting and educational.

My goal is to share at least one article per week. Please share them with anyone you believe may be interested in them as well.
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Planning and shooting a film, even a twenty minute one, is a massive investment of time, and resources.

I’m so glad to have so many people on this journey with me.
Just when you think you’re alone, you learn you’re not.

Lots of love,


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