My 2017 Creative Goals

Dying to Live Poster

I’m a big believer in goals (it’s how I wrote twenty books in the last five years.) Usually I break goals down month-by-month, but at the start of the year I like to do a wide sweep of what I’d like to accomplish creatively.

I also believe that we have to allow for changes as well; things are bound to pop up or come out of left field. But we can learn to be pragmatic, and prioritize our goals by those most important to us.

I think if we let other people know about our goals (or just our biggest one) that it creates accountability, it’s not just a fantasy anymore since we’ve spoken it and someone else is waiting to watch us fail or succeed.

So, here are my goals for 2017.  Some of these are already in the works because I already started them. The nice thing about having a bunch of goals is that if I get tired working on one project, I can easily move to another for a day or two, and maximize my energy and effectiveness.

  • Write the first draft of my script “A Beautiful Madness.” I just started this tonight to take a break from all the pre-production work on my short film Dying to Live. This script is based on my novel of the same name (also my first Thriller/Suspense novel).
  • Enter script writing contests with my five best scripts: Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Film Festival, Script Pipeline, Final Draft Big Break, etc. Throughout the year.
    A.) Scarlet Ribbons (TV pilot)
    B.) Division (TV pilot)
    C.) Earthly Things (Film)
    D.) Brick Coffin (Film)
    E.) A Beautiful Madness (Film)
Finish proposal for Dying to Live short film to help fund festival entry fees and for editing film.
Secure song rights for short film: by end of March.
Secure Breaking Bad clip for short film: by end of March.
Purchase $1,000,000 liability insurance for short film to protect cast and crew: by end of February.
Make a video trailer for Dying to Live short film: March 2017.
Finalize last two locations for short film: February 2017.
Shoot Dying to Live at Flint Locations: March 2017.
Edit footage from Dying to Live: April 2017.
Enter film festivals for Dying to Live: May 2017.
Enter HBO’s Access Writing Fellowship: Spring 2017.
Enter Disney/ABC Talent Development Fellowship: May 2017.
Write five scripts: Year-long process.
Write one novel: Year-long process.
Promote books I’ve neglected… those poor abandoned babies.
If we make it into any of the film festivals, attend and participate and mingle.
Get more rest.

What are your goals for this year?

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