Down Here in the Dark hardcovers and ebooks

Ready for a giveaway???

Happy to see DOWN HERE IN THE DARK up for pre-order in collectible hardcover and it’s available right now for your ereader!!! If you follow that link you can read a sample of it too. Love that cover by Dani Serra too! It’s the second Frank Gunn novella, and is pivotal in the Division mythos, and runs in tandem with my latest novel THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING, both books leading the characters deeper into truth about themselves and the world within worlds.

Very proud of this book. Like everything I write, my advice is pay attention. There’s a lot of sub-text. And a hell of a lot going on that connects to other pieces.

I’ll be giving away three e-copies of Down Here in the Dark in the next two weeks since I have a couple of interviews lined up to do next. All you have to do for a chance to win one of the three copies is help me spread the word by sharing it and leaving a link to where you shared it in the comments of this post.

Feel free to spread the word so I can give a few of these badass little stories away! Thanks!

And if you’re a professional reviewer you can get a copy here.

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