New interview with me on Darkfuse

Just received word the interview with me went live on Darkfuse. It was a lot of fun. Here’s a snippet:

What was your inspiration for writing DOWN HERE IN THE DARK?

Well, it’s a small part of a large story, and I knew that Frank Gunn was as close as you can get to shattered by the end of IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST, so I explored that and the trip, the adventure really, as scary as it can be at times, that brings him to the crazy little town of Division. I see things very clearly when it comes to my character and how his story ties into others, the big picture and the small beats, which made it easy to write about him in this book. I enjoy subtext too and there is a lot of that, and a lot of links to other Division books, and I like the forward propulsion of the narrative, the searching Frank does inside himself and trying to relate to all the odd things going on around him, which really is out of his reach like it is anybody’s.

What themes do you enjoy exploring?

Oh, a lot of themes. Lol. Recurring ones are about betrayal and how we deal with it; the necessity of returning violence when somebody will be nothing but violent to you or those you love; growing up on the inside instead of faking it simply for the sake of others; how weak and strong and reliable and unreliable we can all be, how human that makes us; that if anything in the world is a monster, it’s man; if anything in the world is a hero, it’s man; connections that may not appear to be connections at first until we dig deeper and figure out people’s motives; how frail love makes us, and how incredibly driven; how hate doesn’t eat us alive, our allowing it to rule over us for an extended period of time does, because hate is as necessary as love; how there’s magic in childhood and adults train it out of us; how desperate some people are to find an identity and others will sacrifice everything just to fit in, which I and most of my characters feel is very, very sad; I like to explore the results of tragedy, and show how different people cope or accept it; I deal in self-loathing because I’ve done it most of my life, and the work it takes to break those negative thought processes; bad habits and good habits, regrets and pride, extremes and everywhere between; the mystery of life and our fear of death; our egotism one moment and self-doubt the next; most of my characters feel like Holden Caulfield, that they’re surrounded by phonies, that they themselves might be phonies, and it whittles at their souls because if nothing is true or fair or genuine then what’s the fucking point when you don’t want to play the game to begin with?

Read the rest of the interview here: Lee’s Darkfuse interview…

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6 thoughts on “New interview with me on Darkfuse”

  1. I take a break from writing my review of DOWN HERE IN THE DARK because I’m getting a lump in my throat rereading passages, and find this…you are determined to make me cry tonight, aren’t you, Thompson? *shakes fist* *wipes eyes*

    Good one.

    (though I find your definition of ‘fun’ a little odd…:P)

    1. Oh, I like reviews of my work… 😛 Why are you getting a lump in your throat rereading passages? *Hugs* I don’t want you to cry. I just want you to go, “Goddamn. Good job, Thompson.”

      And a lot of people find my definition of ‘fun’ to be a little odd. You’re in good company. 😛

  2. Well, don’t write it so well if you don’t want people to leak salty water out of their eyes.

    Here, just like you wanted:

    Goddamn. Good job, Thompson…

    Let me know if you want more affirmation…

    (smart ass)


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