Wonderful News! (Collected Songs of Sonnelion)

Super pumped that my third Red Piccirilli novel COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION (which is a pivotal moment in Red’s life over the course of the Division mythos) is going to be serialized on Darkfuse! I realize this is a very huge gamble my publisher is taking on me since I’ve only written the first four chapters and he has no idea where it’s going (so a huge thanks to Shane Ryan Staley for that kind of faith!)

Since the book isn’t even written yet there is no contract for another edition (hardcover, paperback or digital) so if you want to read this follow along every week at Darkfuse’s website!

The first chapter is up and you can read it here!!!

Other chapters will be coming shortly!

This novel is really going to show why John’s uncle Red is the recluse, shattered man he is in the later books. It’s going to be brutal and savage and full of so much emotional weight by the end that you’re going to need a stiff drink or two to get your head straight again.

For those who have read The Dampness of Mourning you’re in for a special treat with this book.

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