Chapter Five: Collected Songs of Sonnelion

All right! The first five chapters of my Division novel THE COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION are up on Darkfuse’s website. Give them a read, let me know what you think, and spread the word to anybody who enjoys well-written dark fiction.

Also had an interview about the Division Mythos and Publishing go live on Blu Gilliand’s October Country. It’s a good primer for what will be coming up next Thursday night on the Live Event. They’ll be giving away some of my hardcovers and a 24 bundle of Delirium novellas by fantastic writers like Cate Gardner, Brian Hodge, Greg F. Gifune, and Jeffrey Thomas.

And my latest novel THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING is now available in all digital formats. It ties in directly to all the other Division stuff.

Darkfuse is also having a huge sale and I wish I had a bunch of money right now because I’d buy most of these.

Thanks to everyone who has been buying the work, reviewing it, and spreading the word! It’s going to be an extremely exciting year!

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