***It’s Only Death*** (Standalone Crime/Noir/2015)

"...from about 40 pages in the book is un-put-downable and motors to a thrilling climax." - Michael Parker at Crime Fiction Lover
"Lee's latest foray into neo-noir is a bloody, brutal journey, a homecoming of the Jonah son, bringing with him a storm formed of the razor shards created in his past..." - Jon Recluse
"The character becomes so raw, flawed and realistic over the course of the book, I half-expected him to show up on my doorstep." - I Heart Reading

***Earthly Things*** (Standalone Supernatural Thriller/2014)

Earthly Things is a powerful, emotionally gripping tale of a young love cruelly cast to the wind. A story of a broken family, devastated by loss, ruined by a cold blooded murder and the slow, painful journey of reckoning... Paul Nelson on Booklikes


***A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS*** (Standalone novel/Crime/Mystery/2014)

Thompson is a an adept story-teller revealing key puzzle pieces s

One of the best novels of the year... The Minneapolis Books Examiner
New #Review by Tome Tender for my first #Crime #Noir #Novel A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS: "Unlikely and questionable heroes, unsolved mysteries, senseless murders and an old ring all mesh together in a twisted collage of dark mystery, murder and intrigue in this riveting character-driven drama."
  Fast paced and riveting...delivers a mesmerizing, heart wrenching tale...  
Once The Wolverine's story unraveled, the book become scientifically impossible to put aside. 
A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS by Lee Thompson reviewed at The Crime Scene 
Once the Wolverine’s story is laid bare, in a twist that changes the whole perspective of the story, well let’s just say it’s impossible to put the book down from there... reviewed by Paul Nelson on Booklikes.
Thompson knows just when and what to reveal, and when to keep it hidden... This really is a remarkable effort... Crime Fiction Lover on A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS
Thompson is a an adept story-teller revealing key puzzle pieces slowly throughout his story until it all falls into place at the end... Frank Errington
There was quite a twist about half way through that knocked me sideways and changed how I viewed the book after that. This was a fantastic mystery that had me gripped... Wistful kimmmies book reviews
A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS is a ballsy thriller... Edward Lorn  
...a multi-layered tale with inter connecting stories – that all come together brilliantly. It is exceptionally written with vivid details and edgy dialogue...   Project Nemesis
Lee Thompson tosses his hat into the thriller ring, bringing all the strengths that make him one of the most compelling horror authors around, producing a powerful work of dark fiction, blending the gritty edge of noir with his trademark ability to form an empathic connection between his characters and the reader. .. Reclusive Reads

***GOSSAMER: A STORY OF LOVE AND TRAGEDY*** (Standalone novel/Dark Fantasy/2013)

From Mercedes Yardley at Shock Totem.

From Andy at Taliesin Meets the Vampires.

From Anita Siraki on Hellnotes.

From Peter Schwotzer at Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Reviews on Goodreads.


 ***WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING**** (2nd Red Piccirilli novella/Delirium Books/2012)

From Eden Royce at Hell Notes


***WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL*** (Standalone novella/Delirium Books/Sept. 2012)

From Mark Matthews at Silk Screen Reviews.

From Darkeva.

From Steve Pattee at Horror Talk.

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***IMMERSION*** (Standalone novella/Thunderstorm Books/May 2012)

From Peter Schwotzer at Famous Monsters of Filmland.


***DOWN HERE IN THE DARK*** (April, 2012. This is the second Frank Gunn novella)

From Jennifer at Book Den

From Peter Schwotzer at Famous Monsters of Filmland

***THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING*** (February, 2012/Darkfuse Publications/Novel. This is Book #2 of the John McDonnell series)

From Jennifer at Book Den

From Peter Scwhotzer at Famous Monsters of Filmland


***NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN*** (May, 2011/Delirium Books/Novel. This is Book #1 of the John McDonnell series)

by Jennifer at BookDen

Review of NR4DC by Sheri White.

by Peter Schwotzer at Literary Mayhem

by Bec Zugor at Tales From the Ironing Board


***AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES (April 2011/Sideshow Press/Boaz novelette)***


Mark Justice on Pod of Horror 63 (1 hr. 21 min) mark

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Bec Zugor

Rich Sampson on Skull Salad Reviews

Bob Freeman on Page Horrific

Mark Allan Gunnells

The Occult Detective

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***A BELL RINGING IN THE EMPTY SKY (Dec. 2010/Tasmaniac Publication’s Festive Fear 2/short story)***

T.T. Zuma on Horror World


***CROOKED STICK FIGURES (Feb. 2011/Delirium Books/short story)***

Greg Fisher The Undead Rat

Neal Hock on The Bookhound’s Den

GradeZ Horror

Sheri White

Jennifer at Book Den

review by Mary at Bloody Bookish


***BEFORE LEONORA WAKES (Feb. 2011/Bloodberry Market/YA Novel/Red Piccirilli Book #1)***

Wagging the Fox:Rabid Reads 

Glen Krisch

Jennifer at Book Den

 Nancy at Shelf Inflicted


***DADDY SCREAMED WITH US (April 2010/Darkside Digital/short story)***

Shock Totem


***BENEATH THE WEEPING WILLOW (July 2011/Shock Totem #4/short story)***
At The Crow’s Caw
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from Darkeva at Horror World


***Iron Butterflies Rust (August 2011/Delirium Books/Novella/First Frank Gunn novella)***

By Ken Wood at Shock Totem

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By Peter Schwotzer at Literary Mayhem

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