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Short stories:


1. DADDY SCREAMED WITH US (Digital short) in Darkside Digital/March

2. AT LEAST THE DEAD (online short) in Dark Recesses/May

3. WHEN CROWS SING SWEETLY BITTER MUSIC (online short) at The Crow’s Caw/May

4. CRAWL (Audio short) in Pseudopod/June

5. JACKIE’S LOST CHILDREN (Print short) in Morpheus Tales Dark Sorcery Special/July

6. A BELL RINGING IN THE EMPTY SKY(Print short) in Tasmaniac Publication’s Festive Fear 2 anthology/December



1. AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES (Digital novella) in Sideshow Press/December

2. BEFORE LEONORA WAKES (Digital novella) in Bloodberry Market/October



Short Stories:

1. Crooked Stick Figures/Darkside Digital (short) March

2. THIS FINAL DECEMBER DAY (Print and digital short) in Apex’s The Zombie Feed anthology volume 1/May

3. CRAWL (Print short) in Dark Discoveries 18/May

4. BENEATH THE WEEPING WILLOW (Print short) in Shock Totem #4/July

5. WE RUN RACES WITH GOBLIN TROOPERS (Print and digital short) in Hacked-up Holiday Massacre

6. THE WEIGHT OF ALL THESE YEARS (online short) at Literary Mayhem/October

7. A Brand New Christmas in Shock Totem 4.5 (Digital short- Non-Fiction)

8. Sorrow’s Breast (Digital short)



 1. IRON BUTTERLIES RUST (1st Frank Gunn Novella, Hardcover and Digital) in Delirium Books/August

 2. AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES (Novella, Hardcover) in Sideshow Press (Sold Out)


 1. NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN (1st John McDonnell Novel, Hardcover, Trade paperback, Digital) in Delirium Books/May


Short Stories:

 1. Beneath the Weeping Willow (Short story/August)


 1. Down Here in the Dark (2nd Frank Gunn novella/Delirium Books/Hardcover and digital/April)

 2. Immersion (Novella/Harcover, Paperback and digital/Thunderstorm Books/May)

 3. When We Join Jesus in Hell (Standalone Novella/Hardcover and digital/Delirium Books/September)

 4. Within This Garden Weeping (Division novella. 2nd Red Piccirilli book/Delirium Books/November)


1. The Dampness of Mourning (2nd John McDonnell novel/Hardcover, Paperback and digital/DarkFuse/February)

2. Collected Songs of Sonnelion (3rd Red Piccirilli novel/Free Serial on DarkFuse/February-September)

3. Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children (1st John McDonnell Novel/Audio Book)




Short Stories:

The River (Short story, Print and Digital, Forthcoming in Shock Totem #6)

As I Embrace My Jagged Edges (and Other Thorns) (Short Story Collection/Self Published)



Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy (Standalone novel/Digital)



A Beautiful Madness (Crime Novel/DarkFuse, August, 2014.)

Earthly Things (Supernatural Thriller/August, 2014)


It’s Only Death (Crime Novel/DarkFuse, January 2015/Limited HC, Paperback, Kindle)

The Devil Gave Them Black Wings (Supernatural Thriller, March 2015/Paperback and ebook)

With Fury in Hand (Crime Novella/DarkFuse, May 2015)

The Most Mysterious Silence (Short story, Print and Digital, forthcoming in Nameless Magazine)

The Collected Songs of Sonnelion: Division Omnibus #1 (Dark Fantasy, July 2015/Paperback and ebook)

The Lesser People (Crime Novel, October/Paperback and ebook)

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