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Gossamer reviewed on Hellnotes

Gossamer cover Final

Thanks to Anita Siraki and Hellnotes for the latest review of my Dark Fantasy novel Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy! Here’s a tiny snippet: “Gossamer” is a mythical, almost philosophical book that strips the reader naked and forces us to challenge our assumptions about love with passages that will touch you in places inside yourself you forgot exist.

Cool. You can read the rest of the review over here.
And you can buy Gossamer, which you really should, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and a bunch of other places. Thanks for all the support! I hope everybody is doing well!




People have their own hidden worlds inside them as young Red Piccirilli has learned through the tragic events of his past.

His parents try to protect him by moving the family to a dead-end road out of town, but their plan is short-lived when a mysterious old man who seems to have a history with Red’s mother comes knocking at their door.

Red is quickly thrust into a crossroads between worlds, where he will soon learn from a broken god how to harness his true power…

Very happy to announce the Kindle release of my novella WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING. This story can be read as a trippy surreal standalone, or if you read it after Before Leonora Wakes, you’ll see more of Red Piccirilli’s character  arc that lead him to his actions in The Collected Songs of Sonnelion (which will be released in 2013, I believe.)

Many thanks to those who already snagged it and shared it with the other dark fiction lovers in their lives! I can’t stress how important word of mouth is, and how much I appreciate it since my success is largely due to die-hard readers like yourself.

Please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads! Thanks!

Also happy that my novella, WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL, that Jack Ketchum called “Hard as nails,” and Tom Piccirilli read pre-pub and said, “Fuses both genres together in the turmoil of terror, tragedy, blood, guilt, and lost chances at redemption…” is kicking some ass.  Having two of my biggest influences read my work and give me blurbs has definitely been a highpoint in my 2012. Have you read it yet? 





















Shock Totem #4 free for Kindle Today

Go get Shock Totem #4 for free on your Kindle today. It’s a great issue. I love those guys.

Thanks to any who spread the word!

In the last year and a couple months I’ve sold five books to Delirium/Darkfuse, and it still blows my mind. Dave Thomas just interviewed me on their website, which was a lot of fun, and I reveal some secrets. Have a gander.

Also neat to see that Goodreads has a feature that lets me list the Division mythos on my author page. It’s going to be pretty amazing to watch that fill up with all 13 books in the next few years.

Glad I stumbled across that. I learn something new every day.

Jonathan Maberry just guest posted on Book Den, too. Check it out!

Darkfuse has the Delirium novella subscription available for Kindle now too.

And my newest novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK wants to rock your socks off. Go snag it and leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads. I’m also giving away a few copies but you have to hurry…

My latest novel (the sequel to Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children) is going to go all gang busters on you. It’s dark and vivid and wants you to give it a chance.

Stay tuned for an interview with Greg Gifune and a guest post I’ll be doing about the first Red Piccirilli book BEFORE LEONORA WAKES.


Some news and Happy Holidays!

I hope everbody is enjoying themselves and relaxing as much as possible right now. I just had a few quick things to mention.

#1: Jassen did his Year in Review for The Crow’s Caw. I, Jassen, Jordan Norton, Sheri White, Nick Cato, and Sheldon Higdon turned in our choices for the Top Five books we read this year. Check ‘em out!

#2: Susan made some good points (something she does a lot, so I’ve incorporated them like a wise bunny). I’ve updated my Goodreads page with blurbs and whathaveyous. If you have any questions about books you can ask on a book’s discussion forum (and I’ll give answers if I like you.) Each book has one at the bottom of the page, I think. If not, shoot me.

#3: Also updated my Amazon page. If you have any questions about books you can ask on that book’s discussion forum (and again, I’ll give answers if I like you.)

#4: Bob Freeman (The Occult Detective) included my novella AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES as runner-up for best novella of the year. Very cool. Thanks, Bob!

#5: Thanks to Susan and Jassen I finally know what I want for a cover concept for WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL.

#6: Gef Fox has a great list sharing a couple of my favorite writer’s books, plus my favorite mag Shock Totem. Very cool.

#7: If you haven’t checked out my 2011 Year in Review take a look. Wow. I am one fortunate motherlicker.

Okay, that was more than a few things.

Peace and joy to all of you.

Book news and an appearance…

Well, I’m going to be at Rock & Shock (I don’t even know what that is, some kind of fruit basket?) in October. I’ll be pole dancing at The Bag & The Crow’s table, catching dollar bills from Susan and Jassen, throwing Ken Wood erotic stares, flinging my underwear at Gary Bussey, Freddy Krueger and a bunch of other people.

Wait, that’s all wrong. I’ll be at The Bag & The Crow’s table watching Jassen do all of that.

I’ll be bringing paperback copies of my first Division novel Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children to sign. Should be good fun. I hope Jack Ketchum shows up because I want have him sign my tits.

Yeah. That’s better. :D

I finished and submitted the second Division novel (The Dampness of Mourning) and the second Frank Gunn novella (Down Here in the Dark.) They’re a lot of fun and have a lot of sub-text though they both read very quickly and they both get intense and tender and sad and violent.

Taking a well-deserved break lately. It feels great to recharge before I search out the things inside I’ll need to put in the next book. I’d planned to write some short stories but I’m such a lazy ass when it comes to shorts. I can’t write just any idea that pops in my head, I used to do that all the time but found I don’t like them at all. It has to take shape a bit, have some meat to it first. Besides, writing longer work is where I get tons of satisfaction.

Also reviewed Nate Southard’s Just Like Hell for The Crow’s Caw. Check it out.

I’m pleased that Peter Schwotzer is going to interview me before my story (The Weight of All These Years) goes live on Literary Mayhem in October. I want to line up more interviews. Send some my way.

And I have a story (We Run Races With Goblin Troopers) coming out in A Hacked-up Holiday Massacre, edited by Shane McKenzie. Got stories by me, Jack Ketchum, Joe Lansdale, Bentley Little, Lee Thomas, my buddy Kevin Wallis, and a bunch of others. Can’t wait to give a copy or three away!

If you’ve read some of my work feel free to write a review on Amazon or somewhere. It helps a ton and sharing is great.

Thanks for all the support and patience as I flounder about!