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Within This Garden Weeping




Still recovering from his brush with the magical, Red Piccirilli’s parents move them out of town and down a dead-end road where they feel things will be safe and quiet for their son. But when a strange old man with an agenda visits Red’s mother, the boy is quickly thrust into another world. He’ll learn from a broken god how to harness the incredible power that has been lying dormant since his last encounter with Glory on the Green…

Within This Garden Weeping (the 2nd Red Piccirilli book) will be released digitally before the end of the year. Very exciting! It also features great artwork from Dani Serra. I love that guy! I have an idea for a graphic novel that I think I’ll run by him one day to see if we can team up. Yeah. Go team!

This is much darker than the first book, Before Leonora Wakes, but is crucial in Red’s character arc in the Division Mythos, and it also sets things up nicely for the third book, The Collected Songs of Sonnelion.

With my Historical/Thriller novel The Lesser People finished and in the hands of my buddies Shaun and Kevin, I’m working on a new novella called Gossamer, and finding the pivotal moments for the Michael Johnston novel She Collects Grave Nectar, which will be a badass book in the Division storyline.

Also check out A.C. Wise’s post called The Next Big Thing. I’ll be participating in that next week and talking about She Collects Grave Nectar! Neat! Thanks, Alison! And thanks to everybody who has dove into the Division Mythos and trusted me with your time and money. You all rock!

Giveaway: Before Leonora Wakes

The very cool Gef Fox recently reviewed Before Leonora Wakes (the first Division Mytho’s book) comparing it to Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always and Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. Thanks Gef!

We’re giving away five digital copies on Gef’s website now! You need to enter by next Wednesday (Sept. 12th) at midnight. If you’ve already read and enjoyed Before Leonora Wakes please spread the word about the giveaway! Thanks!

Free Tom Piccirilli novella

Tom Piccirilli’s novella CLOWNS IN THE MOONLIGHT is free on Amazon (thanks to Charlene for pointing it out!). It also has some cool bonus material. Great way to sample his work and see why you should go buy some of it. He also critiqued my buddy Shaun’s novel the last few days and man, oh man, did he do an awesome job.

In other news… sent the interview questions to Jack Ketchum! Really looking forward to his interview going live!

And I recently guest blogged on Katelyn Torrey’s Tales of Books and Bands, sharing the joys of creating new worlds, info on the first book in the Division mythos, and we’re giving away 10 Kindle copies. Super easy. Feel free to give it a read and leave a comment and share if you’re capable.

So many good things going on that I’m trying to sort how to enjoy each one fully and independently.

Hope everybody is well!

Guest post: The Joy of Creating New Worlds

I just had a guest post go live on Katelyn Torrey’s Tales of Books and Bands. Sweet kid. I talk about the joy of creating new worlds, and the first Red Piccirilli book, plus we’re giving away some Kindle copies. Go give it a read already and spread the word if you can because I’m lazy, I mean, super busy. Thanks!

Shock Totem #4 free for Kindle Today

Go get Shock Totem #4 for free on your Kindle today. It’s a great issue. I love those guys.

Thanks to any who spread the word!

In the last year and a couple months I’ve sold five books to Delirium/Darkfuse, and it still blows my mind. Dave Thomas just interviewed me on their website, which was a lot of fun, and I reveal some secrets. Have a gander.

Also neat to see that Goodreads has a feature that lets me list the Division mythos on my author page. It’s going to be pretty amazing to watch that fill up with all 13 books in the next few years.

Glad I stumbled across that. I learn something new every day.

Jonathan Maberry just guest posted on Book Den, too. Check it out!

Darkfuse has the Delirium novella subscription available for Kindle now too.

And my newest novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK wants to rock your socks off. Go snag it and leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads. I’m also giving away a few copies but you have to hurry…

My latest novel (the sequel to Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children) is going to go all gang busters on you. It’s dark and vivid and wants you to give it a chance.

Stay tuned for an interview with Greg Gifune and a guest post I’ll be doing about the first Red Piccirilli book BEFORE LEONORA WAKES.


Yeah, I’m wicked

2012 has taken off at a quick clip…

Tons of things going on here and all of them rocking. I’ve got the signature sheets for DOWN HERE IN THE DARK in front of me. The digital is out now, the signed/limited hardcover coming mid-April. It’s a hell of a story and picks up right after the end of IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST. It’s dark, twisted, cryptic and stunning. Alfred Hitchcock (my pet monkey) said it’s a tour de force.

Like everything else, I think it stands alone, but it’s a sliver of the Division mythos and I think it’s going to be badass when every book and short story is complete so everybody (including me) can read them in order and experience the full effects of these character’ trials and successes.

It also ties in directly to THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING which is out early as a Kindle Exclusive. The signed/limited hardcovers are coming out on Valentine’s Day!

I did an interview on Literary Mayhem. Also just turned one in for Darkfuse that was a lot of fun and should be live soon. Working with Dave Thomas on some promotional stuff that should be a blast for everybody! I think I’ll be playing guitar and reading some opening chapters. 😀

NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN is in production as an audio book and so far I’ve heard the first 13 chapters (my lucky number!) and it is so cool to hear somebody else read my work.

I’ve also been interviewing some of my heroes lately. So far I’ve sat down and sipped absinthe with Robert Dunbar, Tom Piccirilli, and Lee Thomas. All amazingly talented bad boys. Up next I’ll be interviewing Greg Gifune. Working on his questions now. It’s been a lot of fun talking to those guys and picking their brains. They’ve been surprisingly candid and I love ’em for it.

I finished the rewrite on the second Red Piccirilli book WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING. I’d submitted it to Chizine but since I’ve written one novel and three novellas while waiting to hear back from them I figured it a good idea to use what I’d learned while waiting to make the book stronger. It’s the sequel to the first book BEFORE LEONORA WAKES, a simple but interesting YA story. I’m very proud of both of them since they set the foundation in what comes in the adult novels and novellas. You can read the opening of the second book on the lovely Book Den.

Another Division story, THE RIVER, is under consideration with Apex’s Dark Faith 2 antho. It’s the only short story I have unpublished right now and I love it.

Two short stories (Daddy Screamed With Us and Crooked Stick Figures) will be in the anthology American Horror Stories, vol. 1 from Delirium Books later this year, too.

I’m working out the threads of the third Red Piccirill novel COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION. So not ready to write this one yet. It’s going to be incredibly dark for Red. It’s going to break my heart to write. But I know I have to get to it at some point because this is the book that mostly shapes who Red is in the Division novels Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children, The Dampness of Mourning, and The Patron Saint of Infinite Sorrow.

Also working on the threads of a very touching, yet very disturbing, YA novel called A Monster of Many Faces. It’s going to tackle issues that have bothered me my whole life and people are going to die (one of them is already dead.)

I’m anxious (somewhat) for when reviews start coming in for all four books coming out this year. I enjoy feedback, and especially enjoy it when people tackle the challenge each story presents. I know not everybody will get them, and not everybody is going to like my work, but I’m grateful some do (some who I have a ton of respect for.)

I’ve heard news that my Thunderstorm novella is on the fast track and look forward to seeing the finished product. It’s going to be a beauty.

I’m very excited that some people are loving the Division story line and characters. I see it all so clearly and its such a massive story it takes my breath away knowing that it came out of my wee little imagination. Crazy.

Feeling very relaxed. No pressure here. But expect some great things.

My Christmas Present to You

For the next two days you can get my Red Piccirilli YA book BEFORE LEONORA WAKES for free on Smashwords. I think you can get it for Kindle, Nook, all that crap.

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Wish I could do more but I spend all my money on drugs.