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My Short Story Collection (Free Jan. 25-29th)



I threw together a short story collection in thanks to fans for all their support. It’ll be free through Amazon from Jan. 25-29th so make sure to download it and to spread the word! Has a bunch of my favorites and I’ll keep the price low on this even after the free promotional period. My buddy Sandy DeLuca made me a cover for it. Thanks Sandy! I’ll try to get it listed on Goodreads this weekend too. 

As I Embrace My Jagged Edges (and Other Thorns) ToC:

1. We Run Races with Goblin Troopers
2. Beneath the Weeping Willow (A Division Mythos Story)
3. Daddy Screamed with Us (A Division Mythos Story)
4. Crooked Stick Figures (A Division Mythos Story)
5. When Crows Sing Sweetly Bitter Music
6. Crawl
7. A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky
8. Sorrow’s Breast
9. The Weight of All These Years (A Division Mythos Story)
10. Boys without Faces
11. As I Embrace My Jagged Edges (A Division Mythos Story)



Beneath the Weeping Willow

All right! Got the rights back to my Division Mytho’s story Beneath the Weeping Willow so I went and self-pubbed it. Go snag a copy for less than a buck and leave a review if you enjoy it or hate it. If you enjoy it recommend it to someone too, that helps. Thanks!

An introductory part of the Division Mythos, “Beneath the Weeping Willow” is a surreal yet touching glimpse into the life of young David, an autistic boy of considerable power who possesses a gift of insight those around him are oblivious to. (Other layers of David’s story are interwoven in the novel The Dampness of Mourning.)





Shock Totem #4 free for Kindle Today

Go get Shock Totem #4 for free on your Kindle today. It’s a great issue. I love those guys.

Thanks to any who spread the word!

In the last year and a couple months I’ve sold five books to Delirium/Darkfuse, and it still blows my mind. Dave Thomas just interviewed me on their website, which was a lot of fun, and I reveal some secrets. Have a gander.

Also neat to see that Goodreads has a feature that lets me list the Division mythos on my author page. It’s going to be pretty amazing to watch that fill up with all 13 books in the next few years.

Glad I stumbled across that. I learn something new every day.

Jonathan Maberry just guest posted on Book Den, too. Check it out!

Darkfuse has the Delirium novella subscription available for Kindle now too.

And my newest novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK wants to rock your socks off. Go snag it and leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads. I’m also giving away a few copies but you have to hurry…

My latest novel (the sequel to Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children) is going to go all gang busters on you. It’s dark and vivid and wants you to give it a chance.

Stay tuned for an interview with Greg Gifune and a guest post I’ll be doing about the first Red Piccirilli book BEFORE LEONORA WAKES.


My Beginner Paintings for Sale

I never tried to draw or paint in my entire life until I met Kara (who I made my first two paintings for) and Susan (who I’ve made several more for), and both of those ladies have been helpful in me trying something new. I remember how I used to envy my little brother and sister because they were always artistic, but I think if I just put the time into it I can learn as well. I’ve done 13 of them now (that one up there is the 13th and is called “We Four Famished”) and it’s very meditative and I like the challenge of learning new things and mining any talent I have for it. I know I suck right now, but that’s how it goes when I start something new. You should see my first few year’s of stories. Ugly.

Plus, I’m going to paint pieces from my short stories and books, something my brother and sister can’t do (yeah, sibling rivalry)!

Each piece will be 1 of 1, all original. Can’t beat that. I’m just starting with water colors but think I’ll experiment with different materials (and canvas) as I learn more. I think in the next few years I’ll surprise myself in what I create which is always one of my favorite parts!

And some of you can own a unique piece of my history as I develop my style.

I just put some up to sell on eBay.
Here’s that one above.
Get in on the ground floor, people!

Shock Totem #4 free on Kindle for today only!

If you have a Kindle and haven’t read Shock Totem #4 you can get it free today! Has my story Beneath the Weeping Willow in it (which ties into the second Division novel The Dampness of Mourning) too! So doubly neat! Go get some!

Some cool stuff…

Been a very fun week. Got to spend time with my parents, then had dinner and hung out with my brother and his fiancé in Bay City which is a beautiful town. Also had a blast constructing something for Susan’s birthday (and it turned out pretty damn wonderful despite me having very little artsy ability.) I sent in the corrections on The Dampness of Mourning and worked more on Collected Songs of Sonnelion. Should be hearing back very shortly on two other books under consideration at Delirium and Chizine. Wish me luck!

Some other things:

With Christmas coming I suggest you buy yourself and somebody you love a sexy T-shirt from The Bag & The Crow. Jack Ketchum wears ‘em and they just might be the secret to all his success. I wear ‘em because they make my wiener look big. Other people wear ‘em for other reasons, too, I’m sure.

Also found these things interesting:

Tobias Buckell makes a stance I agree with wholeheartedly

Neal Hock is interviewed

M.J. Rose was on Book Den’s website

My hero, Tom Piccirilli, has a ton of awesome news

My favorite short story, Beneath the Weeping Willow, was recommended for a Stoker Award

Will draw the six winners for the Shock Totem 4.5 and Hacked-up Holiday Massacre giveaway on Dec. 9th! Subscribe on the right side of the main page to stay in the loop! I will do more giveaways next year for these books: The Dampness of Mourning, Down Here in the Dark, Immersion, When We Join Jesus in Hell.

Thanks for everybody’s support!

My favorite magazine (and super cheap)

Shock Totem has all of their issues available digitally! Great way to sample what they’re all about if you’re a writer, and just a helluva lot of fun if you’re a reader. I suggest starting with #4 because my story is in it so that makes it extra badass. Then go buy the rest of them. You can have all four issues and the holiday special for like $7!

*Check ’em out!*

Shock Totem #4 Giveaway!

Yes, time for another giveaway (x3)!

My story ‘Beneath the Weeping Willow’ is out in the latest issue of Shock Totem. I’m very proud of this story. I don’t know exactly why I feel such an attachment to it, though it’s probably an infinite number of things. So, I’m going to give away three copies. Yep, three. All you have to do is: share a link about Shock Totem issue 4 and paste the link in the comments section here and you’re entered! In two weeks I’ll use a random generator to choose the three winners!

Here’s the Amazon link you can share on Twitter, or FB or wherever: http://www.amazon.com/Shock-Totem-Curious-Macabre-Twisted/dp/1463754701/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1312334835&sr=8-5

So, go share and paste the link in the comments section of this post!

Good luck!