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Gossamer reviewed on Hellnotes

Gossamer cover Final

Thanks to Anita Siraki and Hellnotes for the latest review of my Dark Fantasy novel Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy! Here’s a tiny snippet: “Gossamer” is a mythical, almost philosophical book that strips the reader naked and forces us to challenge our assumptions about love with passages that will touch you in places inside yourself you forgot exist.

Cool. You can read the rest of the review over here.
And you can buy Gossamer, which you really should, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and a bunch of other places. Thanks for all the support! I hope everybody is doing well!

Official release day of new novella and a review


WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL was officially released today on all the digital buggeroos. Grab it for your Kindle, Nook, or from Kobo. I don’t see it yet on Deisel or iTunes but it should be up in the next couple days.  

I also received a new review on it from the wonderful Jennifer at Book Den


Feel free to add it on Goodreads and an honest review there or Amazon or B&N would be great.

Hoping everybody is having a great week! 


P.s.– You only have five days to catch up on my free serial novel THE COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION before it’s taken off the web!


New review on Famous Monsters of Filmland

Peter Schwotzer reviewed my latest novel THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING on Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Check it out and spread the word!

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, the hardcover release is today!!! And these early limited editions are going to be highly collectible!

You can also grab the digital at the same link above and see what all the hoopla is about!

Interesting things always happen in threes to me

#1: Have a look at the wraparound cover to my second Frank Gunn novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK. I dig it.

#2: A wonderful lass named Jennifer at Book Den was the first to review THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING (the second Division novel). It’s available as a Kindle Exclusive right now and the signed/limited hardcovers are up for pre-order. Other digital formats coming out in early March. And she’s right, if you read Beneath the Weeping Willow, Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children, Crooked Stick Figures, and Before Leonora Wakes you’ll have a richer experience since they tie directly into this novel.

#3: The very cool Peter Schwotzer interviewed me over at Literary Mayhem. Very nice of him. Thanks to those who spread the word about that earlier today as well!

Have a bunch of great things going on here that I’ll share in the coming month.