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What’s going on?

Lots of fun stuff here. Should have an interview with Greg F. Gifune up this week and working on questions for Jack Ketchum’s interview! I’ve been handcopying my Gauntlet edition of Ketchum’s Only Child along with Jack Cady’s The Well to learn some more. Good times.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been to Barnes and Noble but I went yesterday and loaded up on some books I’ve wanted for a while: Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day, Cormac McCarthy’s Outer Dark, Joe Hill’s Horns, William Faulkner’s Light in August, Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, and John Connolly’s The Gates. Tons of great reading for the next couple weeks! I think I’m going to go back to the way I used to read (one book at a time). I think I get more out of it that way. What are you reading?

Also turned in a very neat thing on the Division mythos for Darkfuse so readers can see how the novellas and novels weave a bit. Will let people know when it goes live!

Working hard on the 3rd Red Piccirilli book. Very excited that Darkfuse/Delirium has taken a chance on me like this. You can read the first chapter now and new chapters will be added every Friday by noon as I write them!

If you have a digital reader go snag an awesome deal with Delirium’s Book club. Cutting-edge fiction to help you live longer.

Chizine still has the second Red Piccirilli novella Within This Garden Weeping under consideration but another publisher is interested if they decline. Very sweet! I’m looking forward to getting this novella sold because it’s the second in the Division mythos series. Once it’s out we’ll have the first 8 books of the 13 book series published!

1. Before Leonora Wakes (Big novella. Red Piccirilli Book #1.)

2. Within This Garden Weeping (Big novella. Red Piccirilli Book #2. Under consideration with Chizine right now)

3. Collected Songs of Sonnelion (Novel. Red Piccirilli Book #3. Current Project, serialized on Darkfuse’s website!)

4. Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children (Division Novel #1, Delirium Books, May 2011)

5. Iron Butterflies Rust (Frank Gunn novella #1, Delirium Books, August 2011)

6. As I Embrace My Jagged Edges (Sideshow Press, Digital 2011/ Hardcover 2012)

7. The Dampness of Mourning (Division novel #2, DarkFuse, February 2012)

8. Down Here in the Dark (Frank Gunn novella #2, Delirium Books, April 2012)

9. The Patron Saint of Infinite Sorrow (Division novel #3)

10. She Collects Grave Nectar (Michael Johnston novella)

11. Proserpine’s Story (Ravaged Gods novel #1)

12. Lord of the Damaged (Ravaged Gods novel #2)

13. Violent Races (Ravaged Gods novel #3)

Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits- Thomas Edison

Returned the galley for my standalone novella When We Join Jesus in Hell (Delirium Books). And expect news in the coming month about my standalone  novella from Thunderstorm Books, Immersion.

Wherever you are, enjoy yourselves. And thanks for all the support!


Very excited that Jennifer at Book Den let me guest blog on her website. I shared the first chapter of the second Red Piccirilli book, WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING, which is one of the first books in my Division mythos.

A lot of great things going on here which I’ll share in the coming months.

Go give the guest post a read and spread the word!


Some cool stuff…

Been a very fun week. Got to spend time with my parents, then had dinner and hung out with my brother and his fiancé in Bay City which is a beautiful town. Also had a blast constructing something for Susan’s birthday (and it turned out pretty damn wonderful despite me having very little artsy ability.) I sent in the corrections on The Dampness of Mourning and worked more on Collected Songs of Sonnelion. Should be hearing back very shortly on two other books under consideration at Delirium and Chizine. Wish me luck!

Some other things:

With Christmas coming I suggest you buy yourself and somebody you love a sexy T-shirt from The Bag & The Crow. Jack Ketchum wears ‘em and they just might be the secret to all his success. I wear ‘em because they make my wiener look big. Other people wear ‘em for other reasons, too, I’m sure.

Also found these things interesting:

Tobias Buckell makes a stance I agree with wholeheartedly

Neal Hock is interviewed

M.J. Rose was on Book Den’s website

My hero, Tom Piccirilli, has a ton of awesome news

My favorite short story, Beneath the Weeping Willow, was recommended for a Stoker Award

Will draw the six winners for the Shock Totem 4.5 and Hacked-up Holiday Massacre giveaway on Dec. 9th! Subscribe on the right side of the main page to stay in the loop! I will do more giveaways next year for these books: The Dampness of Mourning, Down Here in the Dark, Immersion, When We Join Jesus in Hell.

Thanks for everybody’s support!