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Fun contest over on Chuck Wendig’s blog

If you’re a writer, go share the opening sentence of your WIP on Chuck Wendig’s blog. Three contestants will win 500 Ways to Write Better. I don’t usually do things like this because I’m lazy, but they’re fun.

Here’s my opening sentence to my WIP…

Up until last week I’d thought the worst night of my life was when the O’Connell brothers nailed my dad to a tree.

I like first lines a lot. I usually hear them in my head and they lead to a novel so I jot them down and save them for when I can get to ’em. 

Looking over the novels and novellas I’ve published, I’m pretty happy with most of them.

From DOWN HERE IN THE DARK (A Division Mythos novella)

It was Frank Gunn’s third day at New Wave Hospital when he saw the man wearing the skull-like mask leaning over some Jewish kid with haunted eyes.

From THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING (A Division Mythos Novel)

Mark wishes I could cry. We both watch for the woman I knew as Catherine and he knew as April to materialize in the thickening mist, a lost soul searching for the motel room where her dead son sleeps.


The duty of shemira has fallen upon my shoulders and I’ve spent all night in the back room of our trailer with this corpse.

From my novel IT’S ONLY DEATH (January 2015 release)

They clubbed me and tossed me into the trunk of a new pink Cadillac shortly after midnight.

Go enter his contest. Have fun. 


Contest Winners Who Will Appear in My Next Novel

Thanks to everybody who entered the contest for a chance to appear in my next novel! I’ve drawn the winners and they are…

Jon Recluse. Bec Zugor. Paul Nelson.


I’ll also dedicate that novel to them as well, why the hell not, right? I’m working on the story now. This novel will be called AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. I’ve been writing a lot of Crime novels lately, but this one will be a wild Supernatural novel.

Again, thanks to everybody for giving it a shot! You’re all great. I’m off to write and hope you’re all well!

YOU could be a character in my next novel

I’m starting a contest and three people will win a prize of being characters in my next novel! It could be you! All you have to do to enter is:

#1: Encourage your friends via Twitter, FB, etc. to check out my website (http://leethompsonfiction.com) so they can enter the contest as well.

#2: Leave a comment on this post giving a short description of yourself that I could use for your character in the novel. For example, in the comments you might write something like: “A mid-thirties woman who loves reading and yoga. She’s worked hard for everything she has and is constantly reevaluating where she can improve. Loves thunderstorms. Afraid of drowning.”

#3: Sign up for my newsletter so I have your email address (those who already subscribe to my newsletter simply need to share and leave a comment)  to alert the winners once the three names are drawn, and so you don’t miss all the exciting things that will happen this year!

Then you’ve just gotta wait a week (contest ends Feb. 12th) and I’ll randomly pick the winners!
Thanks to anybody who participates. And good luck!

Contest on HorrorTalk

HorrorTalk is having a huge giveaway for their tenth anniversary. My first two books (in signed/limited hardcovers) are in there among a ton of other awesome prizes!

Go Enter and spread the word!