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Down Here in the Dark (Hardcover author copies)

Got my author copies of DOWN HERE IN THE DARK today. Awesome. I love the cover Dani Serra came up with. Hardcovers are sold out but you can still snag it in digital for Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony, etc.

This is the sequel to IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST and an important piece of the Division mythos. Thanks to everybody who has already purchased and/or reviewed it!

My favorite magazine (and super cheap)

Shock Totem has all of their issues available digitally! Great way to sample what they’re all about if you’re a writer, and just a helluva lot of fun if you’re a reader. I suggest starting with #4 because my story is in it so that makes it extra badass. Then go buy the rest of them. You can have all four issues and the holiday special for like $7!

*Check ’em out!*