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Video reading of Daddy Screamed With Us

I’m going to focus on using video a lot. It’ll be a learn as I go type deal. It was definitely a bit uncomfortable, but I’ll get used to it because I like getting better at stuff and I think videos will be fun! Feel free to share it with anybody you think might be interested and have a wonderful week! Thanks!



Received my author copies of WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL. They’re very sweet and have some awesome artwork by Dani Serra. Mailing out copies today to a couple of my heroes and to my buddies who have been there for the whole long haul. This book is short and powerful. A look into love, loss, revenge, and overcompensating for what has already been lost. I like it. 

It also came out on Kindle! So grab a copy for your Kindle quick, read it, review it, spread the word!  It should be out in other digital formats soon! 


Last chapter:The Collected Songs of Sonnelion

Ah, time has gone by so quickly. Today the last chapter (chapter 28) of my FREE serial novel goes live on Darkfuse and Issuu. You’ll have a couple weeks to catch up before my publisher takes it down. If you enjoyed it the novel, try some of my other work and some other Darkfuse titles. Thanks for everybody’s support! Have a great weekend!

To find out more about Red and the Division mythos simply visit the official website.

Chapter 25 The Collected Songs of Sonnelion

Today the 25th chapter of my free serial novel The Collected Songs of Sonnelion goes live on Darkfuse and Issuu. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks as the novel is wrapped up and feedback on it as a whole pours in. It’s such a big part of Red Piccirilli’s story in the Division Mythos. I’m very proud of it and feel as if I’ve taken some challenges head-on and overcame them. There are still three chapters to go after this and then it’ll be up for a few weeks before it’s taken off the internet so if you’re interested in catching up I’d suggest you start now. Thanks to everybody who has been following along!


In this Division Mythos novel, which is being serialized on Darkfuse’s website, Red Piccirilli has known madness and magic. They’re in his blood and bound to his soul as much as love and loss are. But when his family moves to the town of Division, Pennsylvania, his father grows distant, his mother troubled, and a murderer roams the countryside.

He searches for meaning and truth while battling his own darkness and rage and despair, but corpses whisper answers the dead only share with one another.


Chapter 17 The Collected Songs of Sonnelion (and a few other things)

Hard to believe we’re already up to chapter 17 of my Division serial novel, which you can read for FREE on Darkfuse’s website and Issuu. Thanks to everybody who has followed along, given feedback and helped spread the word! It’ll take another 11 chapters to finish the story and what a wild, sad, and sometimes brutal ride it’s been for my little protagonist Red Piccirilli. Already mapping out the next Division book (a Michael Johnston novel) that is going to be a ton of fun as well. Thanks again to those who have taken the time to read and share!

Soon I’ll be announcing a very fun competition that will be part of a Division Mythos website thingie that the very cool Peter Schwotzer is helping me build. Stay tuned, my pretties.

And it looks like I’ll have to reinstate my Twitter account, which I’m not fond of, but there’s a neat thing that Dave Thomas sent my way about Kindlegraph that will allow me to sign inscriptions to readers for Kindle editions of my work.

Also happy that the audio book of Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children is selling well. Thanks to everybody who has bought a copy!

Anyway, go read the serial novel and let me know what you think.


Wonderful News! (Collected Songs of Sonnelion)

Super pumped that my third Red Piccirilli novel COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION (which is a pivotal moment in Red’s life over the course of the Division mythos) is going to be serialized on Darkfuse! I realize this is a very huge gamble my publisher is taking on me since I’ve only written the first four chapters and he has no idea where it’s going (so a huge thanks to Shane Ryan Staley for that kind of faith!)

Since the book isn’t even written yet there is no contract for another edition (hardcover, paperback or digital) so if you want to read this follow along every week at Darkfuse’s website!

The first chapter is up and you can read it here!!!

Other chapters will be coming shortly!

This novel is really going to show why John’s uncle Red is the recluse, shattered man he is in the later books. It’s going to be brutal and savage and full of so much emotional weight by the end that you’re going to need a stiff drink or two to get your head straight again.

For those who have read The Dampness of Mourning you’re in for a special treat with this book.

On several “Year’s Best” lists

About ready to zip 2011 shut here and happy to see my first three long works on several “Year’s Best” lists.

#1- My first novel from Delirium Books,NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, appeared on Brian Keene’s top ten books. Also excited that the second Division novel, THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING, is available as a Kindle Exclusive right now and expect it to get some great reviews and gain me a wider audience. The signed/limited hardcovers are also up for pre-order!

#2- My first novellette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES made Bob Freeman’s list on The Occult Detective

#3- My first novella IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST made the top ten list on Literary Mayhem.

#4- Both my first novel and novella made Jassen Bailey’s top five list on The Crow’s Caw.

It’s very cool to see my name and work alongside so many great writers (like Stephen King, Greg Gifune, Robert Dunbar, Dan Simmons, Joe Lansdale, and Lee Thomas.) Thanks to everybody who has taken a chance on me. I know how tight money and time can be.

If anybody has read my work and loved or hated it feel free to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Thanks so much!

You’re wonderful.

Happy New Year!