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Me in the local paper

Bill Petzold, a reporter for The Tuscola County Advertiser, interviewed me recently. It was a lot of fun because we had music and writing in common, plus it was my first time being interviewed for the paper so that made it special. Here’s a little pic of part of it!



And if you missed my interview with the awesome Brian Hodge. Check it out here.

Down Here in the Dark (Hardcover author copies)

Got my author copies of DOWN HERE IN THE DARK today. Awesome. I love the cover Dani Serra came up with. Hardcovers are sold out but you can still snag it in digital for Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony, etc.

This is the sequel to IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST and an important piece of the Division mythos. Thanks to everybody who has already purchased and/or reviewed it!

Contest on HorrorTalk

HorrorTalk is having a huge giveaway for their tenth anniversary. My first two books (in signed/limited hardcovers) are in there among a ton of other awesome prizes!

Go Enter and spread the word!


On several “Year’s Best” lists

About ready to zip 2011 shut here and happy to see my first three long works on several “Year’s Best” lists.

#1- My first novel from Delirium Books,NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, appeared on Brian Keene’s top ten books. Also excited that the second Division novel, THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING, is available as a Kindle Exclusive right now and expect it to get some great reviews and gain me a wider audience. The signed/limited hardcovers are also up for pre-order!

#2- My first novellette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES made Bob Freeman’s list on The Occult Detective

#3- My first novella IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST made the top ten list on Literary Mayhem.

#4- Both my first novel and novella made Jassen Bailey’s top five list on The Crow’s Caw.

It’s very cool to see my name and work alongside so many great writers (like Stephen King, Greg Gifune, Robert Dunbar, Dan Simmons, Joe Lansdale, and Lee Thomas.) Thanks to everybody who has taken a chance on me. I know how tight money and time can be.

If anybody has read my work and loved or hated it feel free to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Thanks so much!

You’re wonderful.

Happy New Year!

Book sale, reviews, yada, yada, yada…

All right. Sold my weird novella IMMERSION. Sweet. Will mention more about it once I’ve signed and returned the contract! It’s a tricky story. Like with everything I write, my advice is this: Pay Attention. Everything has meaning and some of it is subtle. There is always a story inside the story though I hope the surface story is fun and all that.

IMMERSION is a pretty personal story in a way, too. About how we deceive ourselves, twist reality to be whatever we want it to be, whatever the hell is acceptable to us. But that hurts us in the long run, once the smoke we’ve created clears. Maybe it’s better to remain ignorant, but I don’t think so. I guess that’s one of the big themes. Too many times I’ve had my perspective colored by what I want something to be instead of what’s really there. That makes me feel pretty stupid. Denial is an alluring and ugly bitch.

Still have three other books under consideration that stand a chance as well. Not too shabby. It’s still very surreal when I get an acceptance. I don’t know why, and part of me hopes that feeling never fades because it’s exciting and intense.


In other news I got a great review for Iron Butterflies Rust from Peter Schwotzer at Literary Mayhem. Check it out! This is a fantastic story by which to sample my work and a great story to buy for the dark fiction lover in your life. Everybody loves gifts. And it’d be neat to break the top 100 on Amazon Kindle or something one day. Thanks to those who’ve already bought and/or reviewed it!



And my story Beneath the Weeping Willow was mentioned, nicely, in a review of Shock Totem #4 on Bookgasm right… here. There’s a cool review of Bull Spec, too, which is a great mag.


And there are a couple new reviews on The Crow’s Caw. I’ll be turning the one in of Cate Gardner’s awesome Theatre of Curious Acts very soon too.



Still working on this new book called When We Join Jesus in Hell. I put the rough opening in the last post and my favorite writer Tom Piccirilli left a comment on it that made me cry in a good way. I think that when people finish the novella they’ll need a day to recover. Hopefully. Could be exaggerating or wishful thinking again. I do both a lot. But I know it will be honest and powerful and one of the best stories I’ve ever written.


Hope you’re all well!

Go love on someone who deserves it.



Iron Butterflies Rust Giveaway

This fat novella just came out and I love it. I’m giving away a digital copy (which will be out on Tuesday the 30th. All you have to do to enter is spread the word (and post a link in the comments here showing where you spread the word) and I’ll use a random generator to pick the winner in two weeks. Then we’ll send you the file in whatever format you need! Easy as hell, yeah? Good luck! Run and spread the disease. Thanks!

I also have the last bit of critiques on the second Division novel The Dampness of Mourning and will work them in tonight. And sent the second Frank Gunn novella to my buddy Jassen for some feedback! Sweet!

Some stuff and pics and stuff

Just got some paperback copies to send out to some heroes because where the hell would I be with out them? No where. Or picking my nose and playing video games. Here’s the sweetness. I’ll be giving one of these puppies away on my website:

I also signed the limited sheets for Iron Butterflies Rust. And I see that Shock Totem has released the table of contests for issue 4 with my horrible story BENEATH THE WEEPING WILLOW. God, I love it.

That’s all for me. Let’s make something beautiful.