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Paperback release: WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL

My popular Crime/Horror/Noir novella is out in paperback! I’ve had a lot of fans ask about buying it in that format since its release, so I’m glad the time is finally here. Two of my heroes (Tom Piccirilli and Jack Ketchum) read it and also gave it blurbs, which is pretty awesome. Right now you can buy it here. It will be available in a few other channels in the next week!

New Jesus cover for paperback-page-0 (2)

 “Hard as nails!” – Jack Ketchum, author of THE WOMAN

“Lee Thompson knows his horror-noir. He fuses both genres together in the turmoil of terror, tragedy, blood, guilt, and lost chances at redemption.”–Tom Piccirilli, author of THE LAST KIND WORDS

Home, he thinks, Where the heart bleeds freely.

A hell of a boxer, he earned the nickname ‘Fist’ back in the day. But during the past eight years, he’s transformed into somebody he no longer knows-a weak, pitiful, and passionless office drone.

Barely hanging onto the last thread of his self-respect, he returns home one night to discover Hell has truly crossed its threshold.

And Hell has lessons to teach him through what fragments remain.

Slivers of dark light.

Knowledge in blood.

Forgiveness, clarity and redemption in commitment.

Ideas for Christmas Book Buys

Hey there you sexy pilgrims. I hope everybody is well. I’ve bought a bunch of books recently and figured, hell, why not do a suggestion post of some of my favorites old and new to help you with your merry holiday shopping list! Keep in mind that most of these are dark, heartbreaking tales, not feel-good reads, although there are a couple on the list that have moments of wonderful humor (like Grendel, Beautiful Sorrows, and Savage Season).

Darkfuse Book Club: It’s a hell of a deal! Top-notch writing from established writers on both sides of the pond, as well as up & comers like myself. They used to be Delirium Books and have since branched out into Dark Fiction of all styles, which I think is truly awesome. Got a hankering for Horror, Sci-fi, Mystery, Techno-Thriller, Noir, Coming-of-Age, etc., Darkfuse has you covered!

GRENDEL by John Gardner: Easily in my top-three of all-time favorites. Beautifully written, tragic and funny.

THE LAST KIND WORDS by Tom Piccirilli: Pic is a master of Noir. The sequel to his novel was released recently. Check them out!

WILLY by Robert Dunbar: A truly underrated author who, with this novel, captures some of my favorite things a great story can produce. This novel still sticks with me.

THE BLEEDING SEASON by Greg Gifune: Another underrated author. This novel is extremely atmospheric, as is all of Gifune’s work, and the story is a perfect example of why craft is so important.

THE RAPIST by Les Edgerton: This is one wicked read but don’t be scared by the title. It’s a terrific book!

THE DAMNED by John D. MacDonald: I heard of John D. MacDonald through John Connolly’s BOOKS TO DIE FOR… MacDonald quickly became my favorite of the old pulp crowd. He’s a master of characterization and most of his stories zip along. This one is brilliant in a very subtle way, kind of like WINESBURG, OHIO by Sherwood Anderson. He was one of Stephen King’s and Dean Koontz’s favorite authors too.

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen: Still one of my favorites, and the book is a thousand times better than the movie. Read it!

MORDRED, BASTARD SON by Douglas Clegg: Like EDGERTON’S The Rapist, this short novel will not set well with the PC crowd, but it’s brilliant and I think Clegg’s best.

BEAUTIFUL SORROWS by Mercedes M. Yardley: Mercede’s first short story collection. Dip your toes and imagination into an assortment of tales that are at once disturbing and humorous. This gal is a sweetheart and so incredibly talented.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR by Jack Ketchum: Ketchum’s novel pulls off that tough to do ‘I want to punch this protagonist in the face,’ thing. At it’s heart it demonstrates the damage done when we stand by and watch horrible things happen. Sadly, I think this is one of the truest novels there is.

SAVAGE SEASON by Joe Lansdale: The first Hap & Leonard novel and a great introduction to these two raw-boned characters. What a great series!

SHARP OBJECTS by Gillian Flynn: A short novel with a terrific punch!

THE END OF EVERYTHING by Megan Abbott: Still my favorite of her novels. Haunting and fast-paced and has a perfect ending.

THE CYPRESS HOUSE by Michael Koryta: I met Michael at Bouchercon and he signed a book for me. Such a nice guy and terrific writer. In many ways he reminds me of a cross between two other favorites–Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane.

WHITE DOVES AT MORNING by James Lee Burke: Great novel!

CABAL by Clive Barker: This was one of the first Barker books I read and certain moments are still vivid in my memory. He’s such a talent at showing how our hunt for excitement and pleasure can transform us.

THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS by John Connolly: Still my favorite of Connolly’s!


And for a shameless plug, add WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL by me. It’s my most popular release so far and a quick, powerful read that heroes like Tom Piccirilli and Jack Ketchum read and blurbed.

If you’re on Twitter, give me a follow. If you’re on Goodreads, friend me. And don’t forget to subscribe to my website newsletter since I have a lot of big news coming in 2014!

Happy holidays to all!

A fun interview and news on a pen name

shocktotem6 final cover

Happy to see the Kindle edition of Shock Totem #6 is out. Paperback will be following shortly and as soon as I get my copies I’ll mail copies to winners of the recent giveaway. This issue is special because it has an interview with me and I’m an egotistical asshole. So check it out!

Also happy to hear that the first novel I’ve written as Thomas Morgan (THE LESSER PEOPLE) is, or will be soon, out for perusal to publishers via that fantastic cat and super agent Chip MacGregor. The Lesser People is probably my favorite novel so far. I like the real-life novels because I get to pour so much of my life and the lives of people I love and hate into the stories. I also talked to Chip on the phone about the next two Thomas Morgan novels (A Savage Autumn, and Broken Boy Soldiers). It was a lot of fun to run the opening ideas, and what each novel will be about, by him.  As soon as I finish this novel I’m working on now I’ll hit A Savage Autumn while I do the research I need for Broken Boy Soldiers. Fun times. Meanwhile I’m excited that he’s pitching The Lesser People to publishers. Thanks Chip!

I also got to talk about THE LESSER PEOPLE in that Shock Totem #6 interview so if you want an inside scoop, go snag a copy.

This past week I’ve submitted the novel GOSSAMER: A STORY OF LOVE AND TRAGEDY to Darkfuse. It was fun to write and I think the whole point of it (and I should know since I wrote it) is to make mothers think of their daughters and to make daughters think of their mothers. Everything boils down to relationships with ourselves and those in our lives. Usually when I read book that I think sucks it’s because there is barely any journey at all for the characters. It’s all flash and no substance. I might be a little pretentious to think that a story should matter at least on one level, and if so, I’m pretentious.

Speaking of that which I’ve been reading…

Here are some of the best novels I’ve read the past week or two:

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott

A Morning for Flamingos by James Lee Burke

Just Like That by Les Edgerton

The Cypress House by Michael Koryta.

And now I’m hard at work on the first novel I’ll write as Julian Vaughn, roughly 20,000 words into it. I’m setting it where I grew up, which dredges up a lot of memories I’d rather forget, but hey, it’s good for the fiction. I’m eager to make this novel remarkable.

What good things are happening in your life?

Shock Totem #6 Winners


shocktotem6 final cover

I’ve drawn the five winners for the Shock Totem #6 giveaway! Thanks to all who spread the word and entered! I will let the winners know once I receive the copies I ordered, and when I have them in the mail on their way to recipients. 😀

The winners are: Nancy, Amanda Lyons, Bill, Kelly Stiles, and Keith Chartier. I will email you to get your addresses within the next week! Thanks, all!

Also saw a blistering new review of WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL that’s on the Preliminary Ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards. Thanks to Gabino Iglesias. You can read the review here.

Shock Totem #6 Giveaway

shocktotem6 final cover


Very excited that Shock Totem #6 will be out soon and I have just ordered 5 paperback copies to give away to some lucky buggers. 

All you’ll have to do is share this giveaway on FB, or Twitter, Google +, Goodreads, or wherever, and paste the link of where you shared it in the comments section down below.

Easy. I’ll run this Giveaway for two weeks and then pick the five winners.

Very excited about  sharing pages again with one of my heroes (Jack Ketchum). Plus Shock Totem is super fine and I love those guys. The interview I did for this was a blast. You can check out the table of contents here.


Thanks to anybody who spreads the word and enters!

Review in Black Static

Very happy to see the latest review of WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL in the super awesome Black Static Magazine. Thanks to Peter Tennant for the read and time! Here’s a snippet of what he said:

With its central concept of a once violent man who has been domesticated, but is prompted by circumstances to get back in touch with his inner beast, this novella reminded me of nothing so much as the Cronenberg film A History of Violence, though in the touches of arch-weirdness that litter the text – Fist trundling the corpses of his loved ones around in a shopping trolley, talking to them and pet lizard Bianca, his conversation with an artist who works with bodies – there is also more than a hint of the Lynch of Blue Velvet… At the heart of the story are questions about the nature of violence and how far we go before crossing a line. Fist’s dilemma underlines the failure of both society and the justice system, leaving a man to do what a man has got to do, if I’m allowed a cliché or two. It’s a powerful and affecting story…

You can check out Black Static here

Also had a first recently when WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL got mentioned in another book’s review on HorrorTalk. Pretty neat. Here’s a snippet.

Not too long ago I was blown away by Lee Thompson’s When We Join Jesus in Hell. What fully impressed me was not just Thompson’s amazing skill, but the fact that I truly enjoyed a style of writing that I tend to avoid. Normally, I’m a meat a potatoes type of guy and don’t have a lot of a time for…I don’t know, “pretty” words? But Thompson didn’t care about likes, he just said read it and like it, which I did. I’m thinking J.R. Hamantaschen went to the same school as Thompson, because he pulled the same shit on me with his You Shall Never Know Security, a collection of his short stories.

Also answered interview questions for Shock Totem #6, which will be out soon with a story by me and others, including that sexy mothereffer Jack Ketchum. Looking forward to when that issue hits the stands (and ereaders). 

Not the Final Cover
Not the Final Cover

And if you’re of a mind, swing by to participate in the discussion on Horror Aficionados where I’m guest author for January! We’re having fun and you should too!

January’s Guest Author and an Upcoming Interview

I’ll be the guest author for the month of January at the Horror Aficionado’s group on Goodreads! They’ll be reading and discussing my heartbreaking novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL. I’m very excited to participate and look forward to answering a bunch of questions. Thanks to Jason and Tressa for the invite! Come join us! 

This novella has been turning heads. And it should. It’s wickedly subtle (not). 


Grab a copy for Christmas and join the party! 

If we’re not friends on Goodreads, send me an invite, punk. 

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Oh, I’ll also have a deliciously decadent interview in Shock Totem #6 as well! I love that crew! Make sure you check it out. 

Not the Final Cover
Not the Final Cover

Thanks for everybody’s support! Merry Christmas or whatever it is your celebrating!

2012 Year in Review

Well, it’s almost the end of 2012 and I’m having a hard time wrapping  my head around what an incredible year it’s been. I may post this early. I will just post it today. Frees up the rest of my year to just read, write and spend time with family. I’ll add any big developments before New Years. There are probably a bunch of things I’m forgetting.

Last summer/fall, when my first novel (Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children) and first novella (Iron Butterflies Rust) came out, was a very surreal time. I had been striving to learn how to write well enough to sell my work for almost a decade. It was a relief to sign the contracts, to get my author copies in the mail and see them, to mail copies to my readers, to dedicate the books, to get some feedback and strive to learn more.

This year has been even better. I had a ton of work come out.

The novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK in Hardcover and digital January.

Down Here in the Dark HC spread

The novel THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING in Hardcover, Paperback and digital in February.

TDoM front cover HC

The online serial novel THE COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION (being published print/ebook in 2013).

The novella IMMERSION in Hardcover, Paperback and digital in May.

Immersion AC pics

The novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL in Hardcover and digital in September.


The novella WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING in digital in November.

Within This Garden Weeping cover spread

But it’s funny how we can roar but still feel like we aren’t doing enough. When I was talking to my buddy Shaun Ryan, which I do so much you’d think we were married, I remembered that I always feared dying young. Like I’d never make it to forty. I think it’s been in my subconscious, spurring me on to write every story taking up space in my heart as quickly as I can before the worms claim me, before the cold, damp earth is my pillow. I do want to leave something behind whether I die prematurely or whether I live as long as Ray Bradbury did. Something of substance, that has meaning for somebody other than myself. I don’t think it’s a lofty goal. I think all true artists, whether they’re successful or not, want to connect with other people and share the beautiful things they’ve seen, and the tragic times that have scarred them, and how the world has shaped them. As writers, or painters, or musicians we hold a mirror up to ourselves and the time we live in, and it’s not easy. We’re a very quiet voice that can easily be lost in a lot of white noise. But I see how important it is to try and keep trying. I’ve gained some wonderful fans. They might not know it but they know me through my work.

My buddy Peter Schwotzer, of Literary Mayhem and Famous Monsters of Filmland, designed a fantastic website for the Division Mythos. Thanks so much, Peter!

Narrator Matthew Stevens recorded my first audio book NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN. We’ll also be working on the audio for the sequel THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING after New Years.


I also had a local paper interview me, which was neat. Thanks to reporter Bill Petzold! That was a lot of fun and I found I enjoy being interviewed much more than I ever thought I would.





Some other highlights this year were meeting John Connolly, Lee Child, Michael Sears, Stanley Trollip, Les Edgerton, Michael Connelly, Michael Koryta and Sabrina Callahan at Bouchercon (The World Mystery Convention.) I don’t know that I would be the writer, or even person, I am, if not for the books my heroes have written.

Me and my hero John Connolly



Me and the awesome Lee Child

Some of my heroes (Tom Piccirilli, Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Robert Dunbar) read my work in 2012 and gave me blurbs. Having your heroes read something of yours is one of the greatest feelings there is. It’s fireworks in your head and a sudden jolt to your heart. It’s quite dreamy.

Reviews, which I never get very many of, have really taken off this year. Especially on Goodreads, which is one of my favorite sites. I get to talk to fans on there, too, which has been wonderful. And one of the groups (Horror Aficionados) has invited me to be the guest author for January 2013. They’ll be reading my brutal novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL and we’ll all discuss it. Very neat, yeah? Thanks to Jason and Tressa for the opportunity!

Sales grow as my audience grows. Thanks so much to everybody who has been buying the work and spreading the word about it! Word of mouth is vital. It helps me when I feel like I can’t write worth shit and then I find a stranger who enjoyed something I wrote, which leads to me  finding my balance again. To remember that, yes, I’m writing for me, but I’m also writing to connect with other people. It’s weird, but it’s good.

New novels… I wrote three novels this year (The Collected Songs of Sonnelion, The Lesser People, and The Wolverine) and got halfway through a fourth (Gossamer). I have ideas for  the next ten books that will range between 70-90,000 words. All I have to do is write them. Easy. My goal is to write four novels a year. I tell myself to take it easy, don’t work so much, but it’s part of my nature. I am an obsessive and the work gives me purpose that life would be too depressing without sometimes.

I signed a three-book deal with Darkfuse/Delirium Books in December. I’m very excited about it since Shane Staley has been awesome to work with and he publishes what he believes in. I’m writing and turning in a standalone novel every March, which works out great too because I have a ton of novel ideas and nothing for novellas or short stories lately.

Since I am quite prolific when it comes to novels, and I write more than just Dark Fantasy, I’ve decided to use several pseudonyms. I’ll keep the Dark Fantasy under my name. Have the name Thomas Morgan for Heartbreaking Coming of Age tales with a Historical Thriller slant; James Logan for suspense fiction that is very tightly plotted but has more hopeful endings than all my other work; Julian Vaughn for novels that are more big-concept with a lot of heart/more touching than horrific.

I had a writer I met at the World Mystery Convention (Les Edgerton) refer me to his agent for the pen-named work after he read WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL. That was really nice of him and whether it works out or not, him trying to help me counts for a lot. I’m really not worried about it since all of my worry is that the books are what I want them to be.

I got to interview a bunch of my favorite writers here. They are amazing.

I sold a couple of short stories. The River to my favorite mag Shock Totem. It will be in issue #6 along with Jack Ketchum and interview with me! And The Most Mysterious Silence sold to Nameless Magazine, owned by Jason V. Brock who made a great documentary about Charles Beaumont.


Not the Final Cover


Tuesday’s Training, my weekly writing advice essays for novice writers, has been a lot of fun. I know it’s helped a few people. That’s nice. I had help too: from things I’ve read, questions I asked answered by people far busier and far more experienced than I am, and help just through the encouragement that comes in something as simple as a smile.

Thanks to the publishers who have put their faith in me, the writers who encourage me, the pre-readers who help so much by offering feedback I can’t come up with on my own, the fans who help pay my bills and continue to come back for more of my work. 2013 is going to be an even more incredible year, which is really hard to fathom. But it will be. What a life. Thanks for helping me live my dream! Now go buy all my books for your friends for Christmas!



Bunch of News


I’ve been invited by Jason and Tressa as January’s Featured Author for the Horror Aficionados Goodread’s group. The group will be reading and discussing my novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL. I’m very much looking forward to interacting with those passionate cats and answering questions anyone might have! Thanks to Jason and Tressa for the invite! If you’re on Goodreads join the group. I’m hardly ever there because I’m a workaholic but I’ll be checking in everyday in January!

Also saw the covers for Shock Totem #6, which is my favorite speculative magazine! I have a Division story (The River) in this one that takes place between NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN and THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING. I like it and they bought it and you can read it! Everybody wins! Looks like a fun group of authors (plus one of my heroes, Jack Kethcum!) in this issue and I can’t wait to read it.

Ken Wood from Shock Totem will also be interviewing me, too, in issue #6! I’m very much looking forward to that because I’ve had so many exciting things happen, and have learned so much, in the past year.

And author Brett J. Talley recently read my novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL and made a post called “Does Good Horror Have to be Depressing?” Check it out. 



I recently interviewed the fabulous duo Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip who write the Detective Kubu series. These are great books and you have three days to enter the giveaway for one of their novels! Enter here…

I signed a three-book deal with Darkfuse/Delirium Books. I’ll be handing in a standalone novel every March for the next three years. Fun! I’m working on the first now (Gossamer) and think it’s going to be a freaky novel. Gotta get back to work on it so I bid you adieu.