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On a Few Year’s Best Lists

Very happy to see my heartbreaking novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL on a few Year’s Best Lists. Thanks to Peter, Brett, and Steve! 


On Horror Talk…

On Brett J. Talley’s List…

On Literary Mayhem…


Plus I’m the guest author over at Horror Aficionados, a Goodreads Group, for the month of January. Where they’re reading and discussing When We Join Jesus in Hell. It’s only the second day but it’s been very fun! Come join us!

2012 Year in Review

Well, it’s almost the end of 2012 and I’m having a hard time wrapping  my head around what an incredible year it’s been. I may post this early. I will just post it today. Frees up the rest of my year to just read, write and spend time with family. I’ll add any big developments before New Years. There are probably a bunch of things I’m forgetting.

Last summer/fall, when my first novel (Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children) and first novella (Iron Butterflies Rust) came out, was a very surreal time. I had been striving to learn how to write well enough to sell my work for almost a decade. It was a relief to sign the contracts, to get my author copies in the mail and see them, to mail copies to my readers, to dedicate the books, to get some feedback and strive to learn more.

This year has been even better. I had a ton of work come out.

The novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK in Hardcover and digital January.

Down Here in the Dark HC spread

The novel THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING in Hardcover, Paperback and digital in February.

TDoM front cover HC

The online serial novel THE COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION (being published print/ebook in 2013).

The novella IMMERSION in Hardcover, Paperback and digital in May.

Immersion AC pics

The novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL in Hardcover and digital in September.


The novella WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING in digital in November.

Within This Garden Weeping cover spread

But it’s funny how we can roar but still feel like we aren’t doing enough. When I was talking to my buddy Shaun Ryan, which I do so much you’d think we were married, I remembered that I always feared dying young. Like I’d never make it to forty. I think it’s been in my subconscious, spurring me on to write every story taking up space in my heart as quickly as I can before the worms claim me, before the cold, damp earth is my pillow. I do want to leave something behind whether I die prematurely or whether I live as long as Ray Bradbury did. Something of substance, that has meaning for somebody other than myself. I don’t think it’s a lofty goal. I think all true artists, whether they’re successful or not, want to connect with other people and share the beautiful things they’ve seen, and the tragic times that have scarred them, and how the world has shaped them. As writers, or painters, or musicians we hold a mirror up to ourselves and the time we live in, and it’s not easy. We’re a very quiet voice that can easily be lost in a lot of white noise. But I see how important it is to try and keep trying. I’ve gained some wonderful fans. They might not know it but they know me through my work.

My buddy Peter Schwotzer, of Literary Mayhem and Famous Monsters of Filmland, designed a fantastic website for the Division Mythos. Thanks so much, Peter!

Narrator Matthew Stevens recorded my first audio book NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN. We’ll also be working on the audio for the sequel THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING after New Years.


I also had a local paper interview me, which was neat. Thanks to reporter Bill Petzold! That was a lot of fun and I found I enjoy being interviewed much more than I ever thought I would.





Some other highlights this year were meeting John Connolly, Lee Child, Michael Sears, Stanley Trollip, Les Edgerton, Michael Connelly, Michael Koryta and Sabrina Callahan at Bouchercon (The World Mystery Convention.) I don’t know that I would be the writer, or even person, I am, if not for the books my heroes have written.

Me and my hero John Connolly



Me and the awesome Lee Child

Some of my heroes (Tom Piccirilli, Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Robert Dunbar) read my work in 2012 and gave me blurbs. Having your heroes read something of yours is one of the greatest feelings there is. It’s fireworks in your head and a sudden jolt to your heart. It’s quite dreamy.

Reviews, which I never get very many of, have really taken off this year. Especially on Goodreads, which is one of my favorite sites. I get to talk to fans on there, too, which has been wonderful. And one of the groups (Horror Aficionados) has invited me to be the guest author for January 2013. They’ll be reading my brutal novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL and we’ll all discuss it. Very neat, yeah? Thanks to Jason and Tressa for the opportunity!

Sales grow as my audience grows. Thanks so much to everybody who has been buying the work and spreading the word about it! Word of mouth is vital. It helps me when I feel like I can’t write worth shit and then I find a stranger who enjoyed something I wrote, which leads to me  finding my balance again. To remember that, yes, I’m writing for me, but I’m also writing to connect with other people. It’s weird, but it’s good.

New novels… I wrote three novels this year (The Collected Songs of Sonnelion, The Lesser People, and The Wolverine) and got halfway through a fourth (Gossamer). I have ideas for  the next ten books that will range between 70-90,000 words. All I have to do is write them. Easy. My goal is to write four novels a year. I tell myself to take it easy, don’t work so much, but it’s part of my nature. I am an obsessive and the work gives me purpose that life would be too depressing without sometimes.

I signed a three-book deal with Darkfuse/Delirium Books in December. I’m very excited about it since Shane Staley has been awesome to work with and he publishes what he believes in. I’m writing and turning in a standalone novel every March, which works out great too because I have a ton of novel ideas and nothing for novellas or short stories lately.

Since I am quite prolific when it comes to novels, and I write more than just Dark Fantasy, I’ve decided to use several pseudonyms. I’ll keep the Dark Fantasy under my name. Have the name Thomas Morgan for Heartbreaking Coming of Age tales with a Historical Thriller slant; James Logan for suspense fiction that is very tightly plotted but has more hopeful endings than all my other work; Julian Vaughn for novels that are more big-concept with a lot of heart/more touching than horrific.

I had a writer I met at the World Mystery Convention (Les Edgerton) refer me to his agent for the pen-named work after he read WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL. That was really nice of him and whether it works out or not, him trying to help me counts for a lot. I’m really not worried about it since all of my worry is that the books are what I want them to be.

I got to interview a bunch of my favorite writers here. They are amazing.

I sold a couple of short stories. The River to my favorite mag Shock Totem. It will be in issue #6 along with Jack Ketchum and interview with me! And The Most Mysterious Silence sold to Nameless Magazine, owned by Jason V. Brock who made a great documentary about Charles Beaumont.


Not the Final Cover


Tuesday’s Training, my weekly writing advice essays for novice writers, has been a lot of fun. I know it’s helped a few people. That’s nice. I had help too: from things I’ve read, questions I asked answered by people far busier and far more experienced than I am, and help just through the encouragement that comes in something as simple as a smile.

Thanks to the publishers who have put their faith in me, the writers who encourage me, the pre-readers who help so much by offering feedback I can’t come up with on my own, the fans who help pay my bills and continue to come back for more of my work. 2013 is going to be an even more incredible year, which is really hard to fathom. But it will be. What a life. Thanks for helping me live my dream! Now go buy all my books for your friends for Christmas!



Yeah, I’m wicked

2012 has taken off at a quick clip…

Tons of things going on here and all of them rocking. I’ve got the signature sheets for DOWN HERE IN THE DARK in front of me. The digital is out now, the signed/limited hardcover coming mid-April. It’s a hell of a story and picks up right after the end of IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST. It’s dark, twisted, cryptic and stunning. Alfred Hitchcock (my pet monkey) said it’s a tour de force.

Like everything else, I think it stands alone, but it’s a sliver of the Division mythos and I think it’s going to be badass when every book and short story is complete so everybody (including me) can read them in order and experience the full effects of these character’ trials and successes.

It also ties in directly to THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING which is out early as a Kindle Exclusive. The signed/limited hardcovers are coming out on Valentine’s Day!

I did an interview on Literary Mayhem. Also just turned one in for Darkfuse that was a lot of fun and should be live soon. Working with Dave Thomas on some promotional stuff that should be a blast for everybody! I think I’ll be playing guitar and reading some opening chapters. :D

NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN is in production as an audio book and so far I’ve heard the first 13 chapters (my lucky number!) and it is so cool to hear somebody else read my work.

I’ve also been interviewing some of my heroes lately. So far I’ve sat down and sipped absinthe with Robert Dunbar, Tom Piccirilli, and Lee Thomas. All amazingly talented bad boys. Up next I’ll be interviewing Greg Gifune. Working on his questions now. It’s been a lot of fun talking to those guys and picking their brains. They’ve been surprisingly candid and I love ‘em for it.

I finished the rewrite on the second Red Piccirilli book WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING. I’d submitted it to Chizine but since I’ve written one novel and three novellas while waiting to hear back from them I figured it a good idea to use what I’d learned while waiting to make the book stronger. It’s the sequel to the first book BEFORE LEONORA WAKES, a simple but interesting YA story. I’m very proud of both of them since they set the foundation in what comes in the adult novels and novellas. You can read the opening of the second book on the lovely Book Den.

Another Division story, THE RIVER, is under consideration with Apex’s Dark Faith 2 antho. It’s the only short story I have unpublished right now and I love it.

Two short stories (Daddy Screamed With Us and Crooked Stick Figures) will be in the anthology American Horror Stories, vol. 1 from Delirium Books later this year, too.

I’m working out the threads of the third Red Piccirill novel COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION. So not ready to write this one yet. It’s going to be incredibly dark for Red. It’s going to break my heart to write. But I know I have to get to it at some point because this is the book that mostly shapes who Red is in the Division novels Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children, The Dampness of Mourning, and The Patron Saint of Infinite Sorrow.

Also working on the threads of a very touching, yet very disturbing, YA novel called A Monster of Many Faces. It’s going to tackle issues that have bothered me my whole life and people are going to die (one of them is already dead.)

I’m anxious (somewhat) for when reviews start coming in for all four books coming out this year. I enjoy feedback, and especially enjoy it when people tackle the challenge each story presents. I know not everybody will get them, and not everybody is going to like my work, but I’m grateful some do (some who I have a ton of respect for.)

I’ve heard news that my Thunderstorm novella is on the fast track and look forward to seeing the finished product. It’s going to be a beauty.

I’m very excited that some people are loving the Division story line and characters. I see it all so clearly and its such a massive story it takes my breath away knowing that it came out of my wee little imagination. Crazy.

Feeling very relaxed. No pressure here. But expect some great things.

Interesting things always happen in threes to me

#1: Have a look at the wraparound cover to my second Frank Gunn novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK. I dig it.

#2: A wonderful lass named Jennifer at Book Den was the first to review THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING (the second Division novel). It’s available as a Kindle Exclusive right now and the signed/limited hardcovers are up for pre-order. Other digital formats coming out in early March. And she’s right, if you read Beneath the Weeping Willow, Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children, Crooked Stick Figures, and Before Leonora Wakes you’ll have a richer experience since they tie directly into this novel.

#3: The very cool Peter Schwotzer interviewed me over at Literary Mayhem. Very nice of him. Thanks to those who spread the word about that earlier today as well!

Have a bunch of great things going on here that I’ll share in the coming month.

On several “Year’s Best” lists

About ready to zip 2011 shut here and happy to see my first three long works on several “Year’s Best” lists.

#1- My first novel from Delirium Books,NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, appeared on Brian Keene’s top ten books. Also excited that the second Division novel, THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING, is available as a Kindle Exclusive right now and expect it to get some great reviews and gain me a wider audience. The signed/limited hardcovers are also up for pre-order!

#2- My first novellette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES made Bob Freeman’s list on The Occult Detective

#3- My first novella IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST made the top ten list on Literary Mayhem.

#4- Both my first novel and novella made Jassen Bailey’s top five list on The Crow’s Caw.

It’s very cool to see my name and work alongside so many great writers (like Stephen King, Greg Gifune, Robert Dunbar, Dan Simmons, Joe Lansdale, and Lee Thomas.) Thanks to everybody who has taken a chance on me. I know how tight money and time can be.

If anybody has read my work and loved or hated it feel free to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Thanks so much!

You’re wonderful.

Happy New Year!

The Division Mythos

For those interested in the Division Mythos, here is a rundown of the novels (in their groups) plus tie-in novellas and short stories. You can read them in any order, but once they’re all completed, they will create a massive story (about 800,000 words) and are best read as follows…

1. Before Leonora Wakes (Big novella. Red Piccirilli Book #1. Self-published)

2. Within This Garden Weeping (Big novella. Red Piccirilli Book #2. Under consideration with Chizine right now)

3. Collected Songs of Sonnelion (Novel. Red Piccirilli Book #3. Current Project)

4. Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children (Division Novel #1, Delirium Books, May 2011)

5. Iron Butterflies Rust (Frank Gunn novella #1, Delirium Books, August 2011)

6. As I Embrace My Jagged Edges (Sideshow Press, Digital 2011/ Hardcover 2012)

7. The Dampness of Mourning (Division novel #2, DarkFuse, February 2012)

8. Down Here in the Dark (Frank Gunn novella #2, Delirium Books, April 2012)

9. The Patron Saint of Infinite Sorrow (Division novel #3)

10. She Collects Grave Nectar (Michael Johnston novella)

11. Proserpine’s Story (Ravaged Gods novel #1)

12. Lord of the Damaged (Ravaged Gods novel #2)

13. Violent Races (Ravaged Gods novel #3)

Tie-in Short stories:

1. Crooked Stick Figures (Delirium Books, 2011)
2. Beneath the Weeping Willow (Shock Totem #4, 2011)
3. The Weight of All These Years (Literary Mayhem, 2011)
4. Fiddler on the Green (only in As I Embrace My Jagged Edges deluxe hardcover)
5. Daddy Screamed With Us (Darkside Digital, 2011)
6. The River
7. Now I Play Happy Songs and Children Dance
8. The Cries of the Hungry

Down Here in the Dark galley and a story…

Received the galley for my Frank Gunn novella DOWN HERE IN THE DARK. Will give her a read in the next week and keep an eye out for any errors. It’s always exciting when it comes to this part because once I turn a manuscript in I don’t look at the story again until this stage. So, it’s somewhat foreign and fresh and very exhilarating. I’m super proud of this book and the novel (THE DAMPNESS OF MOURNING) it co-exists with. Can’t wait to hear what everybody thinks when they come out!

Also have a new and weird story up on Literary Mayhem called THE WEIGHT OF ALL THESE YEARS. It’s trippy, but it’s in Hell, so there you go. Let me know what you think.

And my Halloween review for The Crow’s Caw will be live soon. I read Norman Partridge’s great tale DARK HARVEST. Terrific book.

Still tinkering with the novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL. It has a ton of truth in it. It’s vivid. It’s brutal. It’s tender. It’s a nightmare. Figure I’ll send it to my readers in the next week or so and have it to my publisher by mid-November.
Reading The Thief of Always by Clive Barker right now, and Harlan Ellison’s Deathbird. Fun! Hope everyone is well! Sip some magic. Show some kindness. Live like everything you adore could be stripped away at sunrise.

Book sale, reviews, yada, yada, yada…

All right. Sold my weird novella IMMERSION. Sweet. Will mention more about it once I’ve signed and returned the contract! It’s a tricky story. Like with everything I write, my advice is this: Pay Attention. Everything has meaning and some of it is subtle. There is always a story inside the story though I hope the surface story is fun and all that.

IMMERSION is a pretty personal story in a way, too. About how we deceive ourselves, twist reality to be whatever we want it to be, whatever the hell is acceptable to us. But that hurts us in the long run, once the smoke we’ve created clears. Maybe it’s better to remain ignorant, but I don’t think so. I guess that’s one of the big themes. Too many times I’ve had my perspective colored by what I want something to be instead of what’s really there. That makes me feel pretty stupid. Denial is an alluring and ugly bitch.

Still have three other books under consideration that stand a chance as well. Not too shabby. It’s still very surreal when I get an acceptance. I don’t know why, and part of me hopes that feeling never fades because it’s exciting and intense.


In other news I got a great review for Iron Butterflies Rust from Peter Schwotzer at Literary Mayhem. Check it out! This is a fantastic story by which to sample my work and a great story to buy for the dark fiction lover in your life. Everybody loves gifts. And it’d be neat to break the top 100 on Amazon Kindle or something one day. Thanks to those who’ve already bought and/or reviewed it!



And my story Beneath the Weeping Willow was mentioned, nicely, in a review of Shock Totem #4 on Bookgasm right… here. There’s a cool review of Bull Spec, too, which is a great mag.


And there are a couple new reviews on The Crow’s Caw. I’ll be turning the one in of Cate Gardner’s awesome Theatre of Curious Acts very soon too.



Still working on this new book called When We Join Jesus in Hell. I put the rough opening in the last post and my favorite writer Tom Piccirilli left a comment on it that made me cry in a good way. I think that when people finish the novella they’ll need a day to recover. Hopefully. Could be exaggerating or wishful thinking again. I do both a lot. But I know it will be honest and powerful and one of the best stories I’ve ever written.


Hope you’re all well!

Go love on someone who deserves it.



Book news and an appearance…

Well, I’m going to be at Rock & Shock (I don’t even know what that is, some kind of fruit basket?) in October. I’ll be pole dancing at The Bag & The Crow’s table, catching dollar bills from Susan and Jassen, throwing Ken Wood erotic stares, flinging my underwear at Gary Bussey, Freddy Krueger and a bunch of other people.

Wait, that’s all wrong. I’ll be at The Bag & The Crow’s table watching Jassen do all of that.

I’ll be bringing paperback copies of my first Division novel Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children to sign. Should be good fun. I hope Jack Ketchum shows up because I want have him sign my tits.

Yeah. That’s better. :D

I finished and submitted the second Division novel (The Dampness of Mourning) and the second Frank Gunn novella (Down Here in the Dark.) They’re a lot of fun and have a lot of sub-text though they both read very quickly and they both get intense and tender and sad and violent.

Taking a well-deserved break lately. It feels great to recharge before I search out the things inside I’ll need to put in the next book. I’d planned to write some short stories but I’m such a lazy ass when it comes to shorts. I can’t write just any idea that pops in my head, I used to do that all the time but found I don’t like them at all. It has to take shape a bit, have some meat to it first. Besides, writing longer work is where I get tons of satisfaction.

Also reviewed Nate Southard’s Just Like Hell for The Crow’s Caw. Check it out.

I’m pleased that Peter Schwotzer is going to interview me before my story (The Weight of All These Years) goes live on Literary Mayhem in October. I want to line up more interviews. Send some my way.

And I have a story (We Run Races With Goblin Troopers) coming out in A Hacked-up Holiday Massacre, edited by Shane McKenzie. Got stories by me, Jack Ketchum, Joe Lansdale, Bentley Little, Lee Thomas, my buddy Kevin Wallis, and a bunch of others. Can’t wait to give a copy or three away!

If you’ve read some of my work feel free to write a review on Amazon or somewhere. It helps a ton and sharing is great.

Thanks for all the support and patience as I flounder about!