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With Fury in Hand book cover

I’m excited to let everybody know DarkFuse has released my latest Crime novella WITH FURY IN HAND! You can grab your copy from Amazon here.

The first reviews have come in.

Michael Parker at Crime Fiction Lover.
Paul Nelson at Paul Read or Dead.
And reviews on Goodreads.
And reviews on Amazon.

I hope you’re all well and living life to the fullest!



Review of WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING (and an aside)

Within This Garden Weeping cover spread

Within This Garden Weeping reads like a book of the Old Testament by way of Ray Bradbury and Twin Peaks… says fellow scribbler Lucas Magnum in the review he just posted. You can check out the full review here.

As an aside, and something very few people know about me, I like the Old Testament reference a lot. I’ve studied the Bible, and I seriously considered at one time being a pastor. I love teaching, I love the way stories are tools, and also more than tools, their examples that can vividly illustrate whatever makes us cower, and also what makes our heart sing. Even after I realized I’d probably never take the step to actually being a pastor because I would have been a hypocrite since I love to drink, all the time I spent studying the Bible has had a profound influence on me and the stories I create, especially the Division Mythos. So, thanks Lucas! Very interesting to see someone frame the start of their review in that manner!

Buy a book for yourself and for someone else at Christmas.

Mercedes Yardley’s new (and first) novella

Here’s a cover reveal of my buddy Mercedes Yardley’s novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love, published by Ragnarok Publications, cover by George Contronis. Really looking forward to reading this! Mercedes is crazy talented. 

Her mama always said she was special.

His daddy called him a demon.

But even monsters can fall in love.

Montessa Tovar is walking home alone when she is abducted by Lu, a serial killer with unusual talents and a grudge against the world. But in time, the victim becomes the executioner as Apocalyptic Montessa and her doomed lover Nuclear Lulu crisscross the country in a bloody firestorm of revenge.

montessacover by M

montessaspread by M

Review in Black Static

Very happy to see the latest review of WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL in the super awesome Black Static Magazine. Thanks to Peter Tennant for the read and time! Here’s a snippet of what he said:

With its central concept of a once violent man who has been domesticated, but is prompted by circumstances to get back in touch with his inner beast, this novella reminded me of nothing so much as the Cronenberg film A History of Violence, though in the touches of arch-weirdness that litter the text – Fist trundling the corpses of his loved ones around in a shopping trolley, talking to them and pet lizard Bianca, his conversation with an artist who works with bodies – there is also more than a hint of the Lynch of Blue Velvet… At the heart of the story are questions about the nature of violence and how far we go before crossing a line. Fist’s dilemma underlines the failure of both society and the justice system, leaving a man to do what a man has got to do, if I’m allowed a cliché or two. It’s a powerful and affecting story…

You can check out Black Static here

Also had a first recently when WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL got mentioned in another book’s review on HorrorTalk. Pretty neat. Here’s a snippet.

Not too long ago I was blown away by Lee Thompson’s When We Join Jesus in Hell. What fully impressed me was not just Thompson’s amazing skill, but the fact that I truly enjoyed a style of writing that I tend to avoid. Normally, I’m a meat a potatoes type of guy and don’t have a lot of a time for…I don’t know, “pretty” words? But Thompson didn’t care about likes, he just said read it and like it, which I did. I’m thinking J.R. Hamantaschen went to the same school as Thompson, because he pulled the same shit on me with his You Shall Never Know Security, a collection of his short stories.

Also answered interview questions for Shock Totem #6, which will be out soon with a story by me and others, including that sexy mothereffer Jack Ketchum. Looking forward to when that issue hits the stands (and ereaders). 

Not the Final Cover
Not the Final Cover

And if you’re of a mind, swing by to participate in the discussion on Horror Aficionados where I’m guest author for January! We’re having fun and you should too!




People have their own hidden worlds inside them as young Red Piccirilli has learned through the tragic events of his past.

His parents try to protect him by moving the family to a dead-end road out of town, but their plan is short-lived when a mysterious old man who seems to have a history with Red’s mother comes knocking at their door.

Red is quickly thrust into a crossroads between worlds, where he will soon learn from a broken god how to harness his true power…

Very happy to announce the Kindle release of my novella WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING. This story can be read as a trippy surreal standalone, or if you read it after Before Leonora Wakes, you’ll see more of Red Piccirilli’s character  arc that lead him to his actions in The Collected Songs of Sonnelion (which will be released in 2013, I believe.)

Many thanks to those who already snagged it and shared it with the other dark fiction lovers in their lives! I can’t stress how important word of mouth is, and how much I appreciate it since my success is largely due to die-hard readers like yourself.

Please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads! Thanks!

Also happy that my novella, WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL, that Jack Ketchum called “Hard as nails,” and Tom Piccirilli read pre-pub and said, “Fuses both genres together in the turmoil of terror, tragedy, blood, guilt, and lost chances at redemption…” is kicking some ass.  Having two of my biggest influences read my work and give me blurbs has definitely been a highpoint in my 2012. Have you read it yet? 






















Received my author copies of WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL. They’re very sweet and have some awesome artwork by Dani Serra. Mailing out copies today to a couple of my heroes and to my buddies who have been there for the whole long haul. This book is short and powerful. A look into love, loss, revenge, and overcompensating for what has already been lost. I like it. 

It also came out on Kindle! So grab a copy for your Kindle quick, read it, review it, spread the word!  It should be out in other digital formats soon! 



Super excited that my standalone novella WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL is up for preorder! You would be wise to snag it and read it and spread the word wherever you can so the monkey folk don’t steal your face.

Tom Piccirilli read it pre-pub, which was awesome of him. He said:  “Lee Thompson knows his horror-noir. He fuses both genres together in the turmoil of terror, tragedy, blood, guilt, and lost chances at redemption.”–Tom Piccirilli, author of THE LAST KIND WORDS


Many thanks to everybody who has supported me and continues to do so!  You can read an excerpt of the latest novella here.

Plus you should add it on Goodreads! And if you enjoy it, recommend it to others you think would enjoy it!


Home, he thinks, Where the heart bleeds freely.

A hell of a boxer, he earned the nickname ‘Fist’ back in the day. But during the past eight years, he’s transformed into somebody he no longer knows—a weak, pitiful, and passionless office drone.

Barely hanging onto the last thread of his self-respect, he returns home one night to discover Hell has truly crossed its threshold.

And Hell has lessons to teach him through what fragments remain.

Slivers of dark light.

Knowledge in blood.

Forgiveness, clarity and redemption in commitment.



Immersion paperback winners!

Thanks to everybody who participated in the Immersion giveaway and help spread the word about my serial novel The Collected Songs of Sonnelion which you can read on Issuu or Darkfuse!

I could ramble on endlessly and make you wait for who the three winners are but you’d just skip to the end (and I wouldn’t blame you), so here we go: I need addresses emailed to me from Mercedes, Chris, and Bec. Congrats to the three of you! And thanks again to everybody who has supported me with your time and cash. To me you all have amazing taste, are snazzy dressers, and I could hug you. Will have another giveaway for The Dampness of Mourning paperbacks in a month or so. It’ll be the same set-up, share about the serial novel because I suck at promotion. May all your dreams come true. Mine surely are and it’d mean nothing without supporters. Thanks!

Immersion from Thunderstorm Books giveaway!


I should have my author copies of Immersion (a stand-alone novella from Thunderstorm Books) next week. To celebrate that and all of the other awesome things going on I’m going to giveaway 3 paperback copies. But there is a catch! Since I’m a shitty self-promoter I need you to spread the word about my serial novel THE COLLECTED SONGS OF SONNELION (use this link that goes directly to the page on my publisher’s website) either on your blog, on FB, G+, or Twitter. Post where you shared in the comments of this post and in two weeks I’ll draw the three winners! Thanks to everybody who participates!