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Chapter 17 The Collected Songs of Sonnelion (and a few other things)

Hard to believe we’re already up to chapter 17 of my Division serial novel, which you can read for FREE on Darkfuse’s website and Issuu. Thanks to everybody who has followed along, given feedback and helped spread the word! It’ll take another 11 chapters to finish the story and what a wild, sad, and sometimes brutal ride it’s been for my little protagonist Red Piccirilli. Already mapping out the next Division book (a Michael Johnston novel) that is going to be a ton of fun as well. Thanks again to those who have taken the time to read and share!

Soon I’ll be announcing a very fun competition that will be part of a Division Mythos website thingie that the very cool Peter Schwotzer is helping me build. Stay tuned, my pretties.

And it looks like I’ll have to reinstate my Twitter account, which I’m not fond of, but there’s a neat thing that Dave Thomas sent my way about Kindlegraph that will allow me to sign inscriptions to readers for Kindle editions of my work.

Also happy that the audio book of Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children is selling well. Thanks to everybody who has bought a copy!

Anyway, go read the serial novel and let me know what you think.


Chapter 13 The Collected Songs of Sonnelion

In this Division Mythos novel, which is being serialized on Darkfuse’s website every Friday, Red Piccirilli has known madness and magic. They’re in his blood and bound to his soul as much as love and loss are. But when his family moves to the town of Division, Pennsylvania, his father grows distant, his mother troubled, and a murderer roams the countryside.

He searches for meaning and truth while battling his own darkness and rage and despair, but corpses whisper answers the dead only share with one another.

Thanks to all who have followed along so far and spread the word about the serial novel. I’m very proud of this book. It is essential in the Division Mythos and a explains so well, by the end, why Red Piccirilli is the way is he is as an old man in the later Division books.