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Guest post: The Joy of Creating New Worlds

I just had a guest post go live on Katelyn Torrey’s Tales of Books and Bands. Sweet kid. I talk about the joy of creating new worlds, and the first Red Piccirilli book, plus we’re giving away some Kindle copies. Go give it a read already and spread the word if you can because I’m lazy, I mean, super busy. Thanks!


Very excited that Jennifer at Book Den let me guest blog on her website. I shared the first chapter of the second Red Piccirilli book, WITHIN THIS GARDEN WEEPING, which is one of the first books in my Division mythos.

A lot of great things going on here which I’ll share in the coming months.

Go give the guest post a read and spread the word!


My Christmas Present to You

For the next two days you can get my Red Piccirilli YA book BEFORE LEONORA WAKES for free on Smashwords. I think you can get it for Kindle, Nook, all that crap.

Here’s the code you’ll need at checkout for 100% discount:

Your coupon code is MT57G (not case-sensitive).

Wish I could do more but I spend all my money on drugs.